Lover  ‘I Pursue’

The Scorpio phase of life aligns with the age when the sexual energy and prowess of the body have reached the adult phase, and are at their height.

The joy and pain of being a Lover is deeply sexual, explosive and dangerous in its passion.

The feelings become subject to undercurrents; a volume of desire that is hard to contain and alarming in its power, for it goes right to the roots of our being.

The sexual act is one of the strongest drives known to us all.  For many, it is a vital need and, often unwittingly, driven by the urgency to continue life, even after death.  The natural force of any animal, which includes humans, is to attempt to reproduce.  It is the pure creative force, and born from the inner instinct that their genes must survive.

The Lover is caught in a deeply emotional experience, and rarely uses their reasoning power, for the feelings of those in a close physical relationship are often fraught with insecurities; hidden, unexplained and very intense.  It is through this intensity, and through the test of the complete giving of ‘self’ in response to another human being, that they attempt to touch the deeper aspects of their own soul.

The faithfulness of the Lover often relies on the quality of their experience in upbringing.  From secure emotional foundations, they will have learned the art of tenderness and the giving of ‘self’ but an injured child produces an injured adult, fearful of opening themselves up to the horrors of rejection and pain. Indeed, such people have been known to subconsciously wreck a relationship through their indifference and coldness, for fear of confronting their own depth of emotion, and would rather choose the path of the sexual wanderer than one of permanence.

The Planet that governs Scorpio is Pluto, and the element associated is Water.

All the water signs are based in emotion, and this combination brings a personality of many sides and conflicting potential.  There is a dark stillness to the character, with heavy undercurrents driven by Pluto, that can be fearful in intensity yet carefully hidden from those they meet, and maybe even from themselves, for it is rooted in the subconscious.  They don’t take injury lightly and, although they may say they forgive, they never forget.

This is a sign that has the power to uncover the darkest fears in others, yet rarely shares their own.  They can be deeply brooding, secretive, and prone to acute bouts of jealousy simmering underneath.  Outwardly they can appear openly sociable and full of life, or calmly indifferent in the midst of crisis, but this just conceals the hidden reality, for they prefer to conform to the expectations of society than reveal the vulnerability inside.  They hate to be disliked, and often prefer the safety of many friends.

With Scorpio we should try to understand the depth and power that is internalised within for, like the pain of jealousy and explosive feelings that we can often experience as a Lover, so Scorpio tries to contend with this, whether in romance or otherwise.  There is an extraordinary urgency to aspire, pursue and win in every aspect of their life.  It is an emotional need, and governed by desire rather than reason, for they are at the age of life when society’s idea of ‘success’ or ‘failure’ depends entirely on the ability to sustain and overcome the hurdles of adulthood.

The most recognised symbol of this sign is the Scorpion and, if you study this animal, you will know that it is a vicious yet frightened creature.  Its natural instinct is to hide from intrusion, scuttling away to the safety of the darkest of corners, and this makes it all the more dangerous, for it becomes so difficult to see.  The sting of the Scorpion is painful indeed yet, when cornered, it has been known to turn on its own body, and commit suicide by stinging itself.

The other symbols associated are the Eagle and the Dove.  The Eagle is the only one of its kind that can look directly into the Sun and can rise to the heights in search of its goal, yet the Dove is a tranquil, docile creature, well recognised as a bringer of peace.  This zodiac sign has the power of all these symbols although, sadly, there are many caught in the earthly trap of their own undoing.

The combination of these things makes them one of the most obtuse, but magnetic and resilient of signs.  They have tremendous energy and force, using their tenacity and determination to fly to the pinnacle of sensation – if only to prove to themselves that they are alive.  Yet they have also been known to have a strange sort of ‘death wish’ that can hurtle them into areas of potential disaster for, just as a Lover tampers with their own emotional power, so the ‘baptism by fire’ of Pluto and water, can force the pain of destruction to make way for a better life.

The true Scorpion nature finds themselves emotionally involved in everything, not just relationships.  The subconscious urgency to ‘succeed’ and get in touch with the depth of every situation, applies in all aspects of their life, and particularly in career and monetary concerns.  Again, like Taurus, this is not motivated by any particular greed, but the driving need to leave their ‘mark’ and be recognised by those around them.  They are tenacious workers, with their eye on the heights, yet normally prefer to work for others rather than themselves.

They make excellent trustees of other people’s wealth, but their closeness with the deeper, and maybe darker, aspects of the feelings tends to leave them with a somewhat fearful fascination with the motivation of criminals, and with death and the after life.  Thus they find themselves led into careers in the prison service, or funeral directors, miners, pathologists, occult subjects, forensic science, archeologists, and anything where they are able to delve into the hidden and unknown.

The element Water is linked with this sign , and can be likened to a still and limpid pond, enshrouded in the spirit of nature,and hiding a multitude of secrets in the darkness of its depth.

Scorpio represents the middle month of autumn; a period when nature finally lets go the summer light, succumbing to the moment of apparent death and the cold breath of darker days.  It is a time of profound importance, when leaves lie sodden upon the ground, the trees withdraw their life force to the warmth of their roots, and the plants release their seeds to ensure the future survival of their species.

Libra attempts to hold the precarious balance between summer and winter, as it stands on the brink of maturity, whilst Scorpio clings to the remnants of a life that once was, yet is compelled to face the oncoming shadow of age, and the inevitability of death.  Thus they seek a more compulsive interaction with others, and therein to delve right to the roots of their feelings to make way for a more spiritual and productive future.

Just as the seed penetrates deep into the earth, so the function of Scorpio is to dig out and cleanse the emotional debris from the roots of humanity, whilst sowing the seeds of the next generation.

They have the sting of the scorpion that can reap the pain of its own destruction, and the claws of the eagle to face the unknown.  Yet, when able to pierce the bubble of earthly illusion, they can reach out and touch the more subtle mystical qualities of the soul, and climb to spiritual heights like a bird on the wing.