Science and the Stars

Welcome to this introduction to Science and the Stars.

They all thought Galileo was mad when he said the earth was not the centre of the universe.

“Questioning is just as much a part of belief as lateral thinking is part of the search for proof.”

The meaning of life has eluded the wisest of philosophers throughout the ages. It has been approached through both religion and science yet we are no nearer to being able to explain ‘the answer’ than we were before we started.

The Law of Cause and Effect (Newton) and the Theory of Relativity (Einstein) are part of the basic principles of Astrology.

Scientists hesitate to entertain the credibility of anything that cannot be proven. It has been said that they have huge brains, with longer words, and storehouses of formulae bigger than the Empire State Building! Therefore, to challenge them on their home ground is a fate worse than death!

To prove something we must be able to repeat an experiment a number of times with identical results. Astrology works on moments of time, and each moment cannot be exactly the same.

Newton, Einstein and Jung all studied Astrology, as well as Shakespeare, Bacon, Keats and many more.

Astrologers, do not claim that their study of the stars is a science. However this does not automatically make it fake or nonsense, for it is based on scientific principals.

Circumstances in Astrology cannot be absolutely identical to the point of proof, but they can be classified as very much the same – almost identical in fact – and through this we can learn from experience.

Proof may be important, but the truth of most things can be gleaned through experience.

Through repeated examination of different patterns that coincide with events around us, it has been discovered that certain feelings and needs can show themselves according to our own individuality and free will.

These can repeat themselves whenever the same patterns are present.

The stars have been studied for thousands of years. Certain patterns in the sky have come to “mean” certain things.

When consistent configurations of the same type bring about consistent reactions of the same sort it is fairly logical to presume that one has a connection with the other?

Who would recklessly approach a starving lion?

We cannot prove it would attack us, but it is doubtful that any scientist would dispute the possibility as nonsense!

The gravitational pull of the planets probably have less effect on us than a bus passing the hospital at the moment of our birth, but Astrologers are not interested in the gravitational pull.

Astrologers are only interested in the ‘mirror image’ of the planets as they find their reflection within the human psyche.

The Planets may not affect us significantly from ‘outside’ our bodies, but they will do from the ‘inside’.

Science tells us that Man is equal to the Universe. Therefore what goes on within the Universe also goes on within us and, if we can find out what ‘up there’ may mean, we can compare it with what ‘down here’ actually is.

Newton, when ridiculed for his belief in Astrology, said “Sir, I have studied it, you have not!”

“If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts, but if he will be content to begin with doubts, he may end in certainties”

Frances Bacon

¬†Astrologers cannot prove why the process works, anymore than science can prove why electricity works ……. it just does!