Religion and the Stars

An introduction to Religion and the Stars.

“The simple believeth every word; but the prudent man looketh well to his going”      (Proverbs, chapter 14 verse 15)

Discussion on religion is often considered highly emotive, for so many people have so many different opinions and are very rarely prepared to listen to those who show signs of disagreement.

And yet psychologists tell us that it is only by communication, heated or otherwise, that we can really begin to understand ourselves, and perhaps learn to have a little more tolerance of another’s beliefs.

Many people suggest that their security and strength is founded on a deep inner faith, rooted perhaps in their religious upbringing, or some major revelation in their life. But it is not something easily explained in logical terms. In fact it is totally unscientific, for it is not based on provable facts, and yet such a “faith” is rarely ridiculed by science.

Where is it?   What is it?

The problem of finding answers to questions of faith is so enormous that we don’t really know how to begin to go about it. It is like asking where the wind comes from, or how water originally came to earth. Something must have started it all, and that Power must be Supreme, but to believe or to dismiss without examination is hardly productive to evolution.

God, it seems, has appeared with many different faces. Often they are contradictory, and therefore it would seem that there must be many different “Truths”.

The difficulty humanity seems to have, is in believing that these truths are each part of the One Truth, just like the multi facets that make up a perfect diamond.

In ancient times people found their faith in the stars, yet present day Astrologers are often accused of lack of belief in religious values and, in some cases, have even been mistaken for witches and regarded as extremely dangerous.

Yet many Astrologers, like many scientists, are immensely spiritual, and the subject can be argued as just another piece of the Universal Jigsaw, for it is built on the very simple philosophy, “As above, so below”. It is not meant to take away from religious values, but to enhance them, and those who study it tell us that not only does it aid understanding, but leads us forward into closer study of the meaning of life and, indeed, our spiritual purpose .

It is clearly not a religion but, we are told it can be used as a tool to help to find some answers to the “Where” and the “What”.

If we believe the Word of science that “Man is a mirror of the universe”, and believe the Word of our Holy Books that “God made Man in His own Image”, then it could be argued that by studying the heavens, we may become closer to understanding ourselves, which perhaps could eventually lead to a greater understanding of the Creator?

Someone of real faith can never be threatened by another’s beliefs, for they would be secure in their own, and in a number of religions, past and present, astrology has been looked upon as a necessary tool to enhance our spiritual growth.

All of us approach life in different ways. We are all unique, but the same in our curiosity and unwavering search for the truth. Some accept things on blind faith, and others don’t but, in this age of progress, it may be worth examining each opinion more closely before dismissal?