Your dreams are needed

There are only two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle   (Albert Einstein)

World harmony does not depend on the actions of nations, but on what we can touch in the heart of ourselves.

Our senses today are stimulated by thousands of impressions.  Everywhere around us we hear an explosion of noise that crams the air with a universal thunder so loud, and so common place that we often forget it is there.

Yet if we stop rushing, and chattering, and looking everywhere but at ourselves, we may – perhaps for the first time – find some comfort in the sound of silence.  The greatest riches we possess can be found in the heart of that silence, for it allows us to connect with our inner needs, and it is only then that we can hear the whisper of our hidden wishes.

Everyone needs a moment of reflection – a place of solitude and quiet, where we can be alone with our imagination and secret dreams.  This dream time is personal to us alone and, in spite of what we may think, is as essential to our wellbeing as the food we put on our tables, or the water we drink everyday.

Yet sadly there are many who starve themselves of this nourishment, using numerous excuses, and infinite noise, to prevent them from receiving the sustenance that heals the wounds of time.

Dignity and Peace

The DIGNITY of humanity is born from a true respect for all life, and the PEACE of our kinfolk is born from an open heart.

However, we cannot begin to achieve these things unless we are prepared to give them out to others.  So perhaps if we remind ourselves of this by occasionally lighting a candle for tranquility and compassion between our nations then – maybe one day – it will help to lead us away from the indoctrination of fear, and into a better world?

There are only very few of us that wish for war.  Most people are deeply caring when it comes down to it, but the harsh reality of living sometimes shows a colder face.

Sensitive expression can be dismissed as over sentimentality and yet, somewhere, in all of us, there is the potential artist and romantic dreamer; the mystic who puts the indelible imprint of imagination on the way we express ourselves.

As children we quite naturally live with fairies, gentle dragons, and imaginary friends.  But as we grow up we are told that – because others can’t see them – none of this is ‘real’ and slowly we are brainwashed to lose the wonder of imagination, and miracle of creation.

Thus we replace our dreams with half hearted expectations, and our aspirations with inertia, for somehow we forget what children know, and old people finally re-discover – that real harmony on earth can only come when there is peace within ourselves.

Both the very young and the very old are intrinsically involved in the workings of their own inner world.  They treat life with the reverence it deserves – either because it is so new to them, or because they believe they are about to lose it. And that is the sadness of human nature for, after the first flush of excitement, we often neglect to appreciate the real riches we have – until they are gone.

Yet, all we have to do is to be alone with ourselves for just a short while as we contemplate the day.  There is always a moment we can find for relaxation and solace if we really care enough.

It is never too late to start  …….

And if it is magic you want, and stimulation you must have, then most of us respond to the vision of others.

We cannot touch music – it touches us.  We cannot see into the heart of the artist or writer but, through their inspiration, they encourage us to see ourselves.  They touch something intangible within us that allows our imagination to explore horizons way beyond our outward experience.

And in the heart of that fantasy we may recognise an echo of truth – of what we are and what we can be – and that is magic!

It is true that we cannot live in a world of imagination all the time, and it could be argued that lack of time and the pressure of life gets on top of us.

However, this is only because we allow it to do so, and believe it does.

There are those who dream and those who have faith in those dreams and bring them into manifestation.  It is well to remember that the world’s greatest inventions were born from somebody’s dream.

So when you are old and grey are you going to look back on your life and wonder what happened to all those years whilst you concentrated on worry rather than happiness, and fear rather than faith?  Are you going to wish you had your life all over again, so you could do it right this time?  Will there be places you wish you had gone, and things you wish you had done?

If you continue to live just as you are now – when you die, what do you think your epitaph would say?

Now compare that with  …..

What would you like your epitaph to say?

Between the first and last answer is the rest of your life!

Inspite of our difficulties, our tragedies, our sorrows, we must never lose sight of the miracle of existence and the dreams we have that are there to be fulfilled.

Indeed, there is no peace in terror, nor love in war, but these things are only born from an inner fear of weakness and loss of identity, not from any form of real ugliness.

So never mind the politicians, as they strut the world stage with their emblems of pride and messages of fear.  Never mind the things that have hurt you and the things that still do.

Start thinking about what you can do – in the life you have left – to make your own peace with the world that is yours.

Nothing you do that is meaningful can ever be lost, for the children, and the children’s children, will thrive on the spirit of self knowledge and dignity, as taught by example.

Life is your eternal dream, and you are a beautiful child of humanity that holds the mystery of the universe in the palm of your hand.  You deserve to pluck the moon out of the sky, or ride on circular rainbows spun with the stars, if that is what you choose to imagine.

So look around you and see this place as if for the first time – for it belongs to you and you have made it  …..

And what you have made, you can also change.

Think about that.

“You are a boundless drop in a boundless ocean.

For that which is boundless in you abides in the mansion of the sky, whose door is the morning mist, and whose windows are the songs and the silences of the night.

In the depth of your hopes and desires lies your silent knowledge of the beyond.

And, like seeds dreaming beneath the snow, your heart dreams of spring.

Trust the dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity”.

Kahlil Gibran