“The Spiritual Force comes boring in like a drill through wood and, if it meets any blockages, then the heat and friction starts.”

Mars is the brazen warrior, Lord of War, and catalyst of force and fire.

A rash and impulsive daring youth, doubtful in origin and quality.

He is a powerhouse of energy, courage and enthusiasm, yet has no mind to control the impulse that drives him.

He strides, vibrant and strong , challenging and battle-proud; his hair unkempt, and reflecting in its sheen the deep red glow of embers of fire.

His all encompassing eyes flash with the urgency of passion and the sexual prowess of attendant manhood: the sweat on his bronze skin gleaming through the ripple of his muscle.

He is masculine, dominant, and intimate, demanding submission at any price.

Without the light of Mars within us, we would have no energy or enthusiasm to survive.

This is a character of infinite strength and potential, and is the challenge and force that propels the cosmic family into action.

Yet the ignorance and enthusiasm of youth can create unnecessary heat and danger, if the others cannot contain this explosion of light, for this fearless young spark is driven by a fireball of dynamite, inexhaustible and reckless in his desire for the family to survive and live life to the full.

To him, the world is his oyster, simply by right of his heritage, for the eternal flame of the Sun burns unremittingly within his breast.

Yet Mars can become difficult when confronted with the voice of authority.  He is badly in need of control and protection from himself, and must be guided carefully if he is not to drive others into disorder and war.

When under stress he can become coarse and aggressive, prone to quarrels and unnecessary violence, or suffer from the chaos of dissipated energy, scattered to the winds in his headlong clash with existence.

Yet, simply because of his volatile nature, this young contender is the victor and triumph of light, who drives like the dynamo perpetuating life – energy begetting energy, wild, restless and untamed. The warrior of the family, self-styled protector of his father, and God of all women, challenging and vital with the life force that flows through his veins.

How Mars affects us

The planet Mars is red, harsh and barren, which suggests the need to struggle for existence.  The colour red has long since been recognised as a warning sign, portraying heat, energy, and often danger.  We have that vibrant energy also, which is our own “personal” Mars.

It is the protective force within us that is thought by astrologers to represent our urgent need to survive the confrontations of life, even if it means that we have to make war to secure our position.

It has also been described as our energy source, vitality, and sexual expression.

Where the contacts between Mars and the planets are good, the person will likely express courage, daring and enthusiasm, showing athletic ability, and a strong zest for life.

However, where the contacts are difficult, it has been known to go to extremes, causing either scattered, or suppressed vital forces, resulting in exhaustion, or perhaps a volatile temper, which could even lead to violence.

Like the Sun, Mars is extremely dominant by nature, and is rarely overpowered by contacts with other planets. Although it needs control, it can also become suppressed, turning the natural expression of energy inward on itself.

We are told that, if we deny the power of this vital God within us for too long, we could find ourselves full of explosive anger, frustrated and anxious, or perhaps without any enthusiasm for life at all.

Energy has no mind, and will continue to penetrate in which ever direction it goes. This can be injurious to our general demeanor, and often our health for, the same energy that protects us outwardly can also make war inwardly, on our physical bodies, if its natural outlet is denied.

Mars, by design, is vibrant, vital, and wild. It indicates the way we attempt to use our energy in order to survive.

On the Tree of Life Mars is associated with Geburah – sephirah of karma and karmic conditions  – the colour red, and the number 5.

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