Just Love

Your voice is required

“Mine is the thought of him who is lost in his own country; of the alien in his own nation; of the solitary among his kinfolk and friends.”         Kahil Gibran

Justice does not only uphold the law of the land, but also ourselves, our loved ones, and the world entire.

 Love and Truth

So many words have been written about the meaning of love – about the blessings of it, and the pain of it – but whatever is said, it is never portrayed as being judgmental, and was never meant to reserve its favours for only the chosen few.

We are told by our religious doctrines, that love is not just the God given right for family and friends, but for the whole of humanity, with all its’ foibles and inadequacies, and yet terrible wars have been enacted in the name of love, and what some people perceive as ‘justice’ for them, is ‘betrayal’ for another.

Whether we really care about this, or pretend that it just doesn’t happen makes no difference to the fact that we do have the power to change things, and we do not have to make war to find justice.

Love and Truth

To be governed by TRUTH and LOVE is the only basis for a strong and fair system, so – if we are mindful of this – then perhaps we can start by lighting a candle for honest and just interaction between our nations, and start considering what these two words may actually mean for those who are unjustly imprisoned in this ‘civilised’ world we live in today.

And although we, as individuals, may think that we can make little impact on the quality of justice, we can begin by looking closely at ourselves; at what love means to us, and the way we pass judgements on others in our everyday lives. For these judgements bring actions that can be very far reaching, and it is always much easier to ‘accuse’ than to be faced with our own motivations and behaviour.

Of course we do not all want to wave banners, or stand on soap boxes, but we can do much by curbing the tendency to blame others for the perceived wrongs of life, and look within ourselves to find some solutions first?  So next time you are hit by the impulse to make judgements about people, perhaps it is wise to ensure that you really have just cause?  Quite often it is the situation or circumstance that is causing the problem, not necessarily the individuals concerned, and things tend to look quite different when viewed from another standpoint.

If we have the courage to speak out for what we believe in, with genuine concern and tact rather than anger and resentment; and if we do what we really think is right all the time, slowly the world will change, for we are all brothers and sisters of this human family, and although it may not seem like it, we do all secretly wish for the same things.

Babies aren’t born bad – they learn from others – and the more you care for fairness, and speak your truth with love, the more your world, and that of others, will expand.

There are many types of prisoners of life – prisoners of dependency, duty, drudgery and there are those starved, bullied and beaten just for being different.

All over the world there are judgements being made, but these judgements do not necessarily uphold justice – especially when made for political reasons, for treason to some is heroism to others.  We do not have to be imprisoned, or die by the sword, to change things.  We just have to care enough not to make rash assumptions without knowing the whole truth.

The great statesman Gandhi, when asked why he did not advocate war, replied”All through history, the way of Truth and Love has always won

There are those who suffer terribly in this world through lack of this love – either within themselves or from others.  Some are imprisoned for their beliefs, and some imprisoned by them.

Real justice is not a harsh judge, just an honest one – with trust and truth of all the facts as its keynote.  And real love is not slushy, nor full of New Age reverie – it is honest and bold and truthful and giving.  It does not judge nor look for reward, and in giving it, regardless of the circumstances, we become encompassed with a warmth that we want to continue to share with others.

Love and Truth and Justice begin at home, – in our houses, our cities and our nations, but above all – even if we feel that we can do nothing else – we do have the power to ensure that it begins with ourselves.

When we all work together with one thought and action in mind, many wonderful things can be achieved.

The Prisoner

“First they came for the communists

And I did not speak out –

because I was not a communist.

Then they came for the Jews,

and I did not speak out –

because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the trade unionists

and I did not speak out –

because I was not a trade unionist.

Next they came for the catholics,

and I did not speak out –

because I was not a catholic.

Then they came for me

and there was no one left

to speak out for me”

Pastor Niemoeller, Political Prisoner of the Nazis