Infant  ‘I Think’

The Infant can be both the bane and joy of life.

They are so full of mischief and fun that it is hard to keep track of them, and yet it is a sad person indeed who doesn’t warm to the sound of their chatter and laughter.


If you can’t remember what you were like at that age, just imagine how interesting everything must have been then:

‘What’s this for? …..  where does that go? ……  why did she do that? ……

what’s in this cupboard? …..  where’s the dog? …..

how do you put this together? ……..’

This is the time of life when an Infant has fully discovered the power of speech; how to communicate and make themselves heard and understood. Words are infinitely exciting, and so useful to acquire knowledge of all the different things in this bright new life.

The road of the Infant is paved with question marks, for the mind at this stage is ticking over nineteen to the dozen, and the words come tumbling out.  It is a brand new way of discovery; opening up a whole wonderful world of glittering possibilities and curious bright objects.  Yet, just as soon as these things have been investigated, something better always seems to appear elsewhere, leaving them with the feeling that, if it is not ‘looked at’ immediately, it will surely vanish – for the concept of time to an infant is always ‘now’ rather than ‘later’.

This is the phase of nursery school, writing, reading, running, playing, and above all talking, and the infant searches to find out the meaning of all things, examining each experience with piercing concentration.  However, the moment is normally short lived, for they intensely dislike anything dull or monotonous and, as their mind is so alert and active, they become bored and easily distracted by more ‘exciting’ events.

Gemini is governed by the planet Mercury, and links strongly with the element Air.  The combination makes them highly intelligent and interesting conversationalists, but they normally steer away from anything heavy, or emotionally intense, for they find it weighs heavy on their naturally exuberant nature.  Youthful in approach; the eternal Peter Pan, they love parties, particularly when full of beautiful people, and revel in gossip and light conversation.

There is nothing in life for Gemini unless they are on the road to finding out something.  Their observation powers are acute, and they can pick up all sorts of information that most others would neglect to notice. Anything new is of interest, anything old is more often discarded like an old shoe.  The continuous movement of their mind drives them forward to new areas of interest and investigation, for the light urgency of Mercury and Air causes them to fly with wings on their heels.  There are so many roads and exciting ideas all beckoning at once, which can often leave them restless and high in tension.  Gemini has been accused of being quite fickle and flirtatious, but actually that is unfair.  It is thought, not emotion that nurtures their soul, and the flight of the intellect moves with such speed it can float on the winds of change.  They sincerely believe what they say at the time, but the dawn of tomorrow brings another day, with another thought, and another new interest to follow.

The symbol for Gemini is the Twins – two parts of the one nature, a duality that can be both creative and destructive – a lightness that brings joy to the heart, but a problem of inconsistency and changeability – which shows itself in the nature of the Infant.

There are two sides to these Twins – the chatter of fun and excitement, and the feeling that they will never ‘know’ enough to make them secure.  This double sided nature can lead to anxiety and extreme highs and lows. They have difficulty in showing themselves as they really are, for they are so adaptable and friendly that they tend to take on the colour and mood of those around them, leaving others uncertain as to what they really believe or feel inside.

All these things apply to the Archetypal Gemini, for they are born into a phase of mimicry that requires them to use their mind in an inquisitive and youthful way.  They have been classified as ‘nosy’ but ‘curious’ would be a better word, for they rarely try to interfere in anybody’s life – they just want to learn all about it, so they can perhaps know a little more about themselves through the mirror of others.

Their observation powers make them a minehouse of information, both valuable and unimportant, and they have been known to read a dictionary from beginning to end with delight.  Thus, they can always be relied upon to know ‘who’s who’ or supply names and details of things long since forgotten, and provide fascinating knowledge about the most obtuse of subjects.  They can make astoundingly good journalists, comics, sales reps, and anything dealing with people.  Their intelligence and adaptability also makes them good linguists and public speakers, for their wit and lively approach can inspire and captivate an audience with ease.

The Element Air associated with this sign can be likened to the light May winds that race through the skies, parting the clouds, and letting the sparkle of the sun glisten in the mirrors of the morning dew.

If you go out into the countryside in the last month of Spring, you will see that the landscape is rich and alive with blossom and colour.  It brings joy to the heart; is sparkling in its clarity; bright, fresh and urging to be noticed.  And so it is with Gemini, for they represent the Dawning of Consciousness that blows, cool and refreshing through the mists of illusion, shedding laughter and light onto a dreary world.

Their essential function is as a beacon of ‘knowledge’ – the prelude to wisdom – that can banish the shadows of ignorance in the human mind, and, just as the Springtime wind shimmers the leaves and dances in the Sun, so Gemini surfs on the wings of curiosity and imagination; glittering with potential as it ducks and weaves, to alight, gentle and fragile as the Spiritual butterfly, on the rich blossoms of life.