Welcome to this introduction to Forecasting.

“A wise man rules his stars, a fool is ruled by them”

For many people, one of the most intriguing attractions of Astrology is the thought that it is possible to look into the future.

Do we really believe that there is some vast hand up in the sky, marked as Fate, and preventing us doing what we wish, or is it all superstitious nonsense, and only for the gullible?

Astrologers do believe that it is possible to forecast the potential future of a person, but they say that potential means possibility, not certainty. It does not mean that events will happen, but could happen, all according to prevailing conditions, and the reactions of the individual concerned.

And in order to be accurate at all, the astrologer needs to have the complete birth chart. People are creatures of the earth, and they respond to the vibrations around them, just like animals and plants. For everything there is a season, and for everything there is a time – A time to be born, to love, to cry, to laugh, and a time to die – and it is thought by some, that it may be worthwhile attempting to react and behave in accordance with time, so we can gain the most happiness from our lives.

If a person is a reflection of the universe, we can liken our own personal sun sign to the centre of our being – the heartbeat of our essential nature – just as the heartbeat of our solar system is the the sun that dawns in the east every day.  But it is only part of us.

It is our Astrological sun sign that we read in the daily papers, and because it is only our sun sign, it can only suggest the vague outline of the trends around us, not every moment of our day or life. This misunderstanding can make astrology look rather ridiculous, for there are only 12 signs, and millions of people, so it is surely not possible for thousands of them to meet a tall dark stranger all on the same day!

So how does forecasting work, and is it possible to be correct?

Well, astrologers tell us it is no different from a weather forecast really.  The weather men study the possible reactions of nature under prevailing conditions, and astrologers study the possible reactions of people under prevailing conditions.  And, like the weather men – who now use satellite pictures instead of studying the wind direction with a finger, or colour of the sky – the more information they have, the more accurate the forecast.  A full Birth chart is very different from reading just the sun sign, and we are assured that reading a chart is not fortune telling!

Like the weather men, astrologers have watched the effects of certain conditions and, through this experience, have tried to advise others on how to learn to act in accordance with time – to take hold of the opportunities which previously may have passed by unnoticed, but also to avoid making the wrong move at the wrong moment.

Person would be considered very silly to stand in the middle of a busy main road whilst calmly watching a massive lorry bearing down on them.  And just as stupid would be to ignore warnings from the medical profession about the dangers of encouraging heart problems through lack of exercise and eating the wrong food.

These sort of dangers have been learned from experience, and astrologers argue that they too have considerable experience, only of a different kind.  When it comes to dealing with our emotional welfare many of us ignore the prevailing trends, and often don’t even see the potential dangers.

Astrologers have made a serious study of human psyche and can anticipate the likely behavior of an individual in certain circumstances in much the same way as a psychologist.  Yet they are also investigators of time, and claim that correct timing can make the difference between catching a bus, or standing frozen at the roadside and, as our lives are ruled by this great force of time, we might as well try to use it to our advantage.

The horoscope can be seen as a map of our ‘potential’ destiny.  The word potential, as has been said, is of great importance.

A map indicates that there is somewhere to go, but we need to understand the correct route to take if we are to arrive without difficulty at our destination. Many people believe that fate dictates our future, without realising that we live here and now, and our actions and decisions will help to make our future.

The weathermen advise us of the possibilities of rain, enabling us to adjust our circumstances accordingly, or at least take an umbrella.  Astrologers say they are also advisers of possibilities and, like the weatherforecast, we can take their advice or not.  Nothing is written in stone, and the decision is always ours to make.

“The stars may impel us, but they do not compel us.”