Fire King Djinn

Welcome to this introduction to the Fire King Djinn.

If you stand in the heat of a summers day, and look up at the sky, you could be blinded by the blaze of light, but if you stare deep into the heart of a forest fire, you might just see a burning, shimmering figure dancing in its midst.

This is Djinn, and his Kingdom lies in the heart of the sun and all the fires of the earth.

Djinn is Lord of the Element Fire, and resides under the jurisdiction of the Archangel Mikael, his Master.

When Mikael is called for protection, Djinn can be seen flickering beside him, eager to do his bidding, writhing and turning like a magnificent genie of the lamp.

Together these Great Beings of power direct and control the movement of Fire, and the energy forces of life around the earth.

Those who see this Almighty King say he appears to them like an explosion of energy bursting into light, the pointed tactile shape, impinged with tendrils of ice white heat and sparks of fire, a twisting vibrating mass of living flame.

His diamond eyes glow with the darkness of embers of coal, and his cloak encompasses the vibrant yellow and red of molten larva, as it erupts from deep within the raging volcanos of the earth.

This King is awesome in magnitude, and as uncontained and terrifying as an electrical storm but, fierce as he is, he too can be as gentle and comforting as the shimmer of a candle in a darkened room, or the warmth of firelight on a winters’ night.

It is said that if we dare to catch his glance, Djinn will hold us immobile and captive, suspended in his stare, as he burns into the very desires of our hearts – desires that shudder at the core of our being – and as he speaks the crackle of bonfires resounds from his voice.

It is by the force of Djinn’s power that he draws the tiny blisters of light – the Salamanders of his Kingdom – under his command.

Bright and demanding, they carry their lanterns within them, blazing and sparking, flickering and cascading as they surround him, bursting with energy in their urgency for action.

We are told that, if we close our eyes and concentrate on our inner vision, we may be lucky enough to see these sparkling elemental beings, flickering and cascading like a scattering of bright pointed stars, as they join together in moving formation, dancing the dance of life in the fires of our heart.