Dream Incubation

Dream Incubation is an ancient healing art that has been almost lost throughout our modern age, but was quite recently revived by researchers in the fields of dreamwork and parapsychology.

It used to be practiced in ancient Greece, when sick people would prepare themselves by fasting, purification and prayer for three days before entering the Dream Temple at the Oracle at Delphi.

They would spend the last night of their ritual in the Dream Temple, asking the gods for a dream of healing which would indicate to them exactly what was needed to bring healing (or even a healing dream when upon waking up they would be healed).

In some ways, this was similar to the early Greek version of the shamanistic vision/dream quest of native americans.

Modern research in parapsychology and dreaming has demonstrated that not only is it possible to incubate dreams in this way for oneself and others, but that while doing so, dream incubation telepathy may occur.

For example, it was found that if A incubates a dream for B, the people close to A, who although unaware of A’s dreamwork, would find themselves having dreams which were directly relevant to B’s concern.

This amazing finding was then used in group therapy work which used Dream Incubation.

Someone from the group, seeking help with a particular concern, would ask the group to dream for him/her but without revealing the nature of the concern.

The next time the group would meet, after having dedicated their dreams to the seeker, everyone would share the dreams received on behalf of her/him. Invariably, all would be awe-struck at the accuracy of the dreams from all dreamers with regards to the person’s concern.

The pioneer researcher in this field, and the discoverer of dream incubation telepathy, is Dr. Henry Reed.

The theory behind this phenomenon is that people’s astral bodies are capable of meeting in the dream state, and therefore able to connect to a seeker’s particular concerns whilst sleeping.

We are told it is a fascinating spiritual experiment to do with a group, and a spiritual experience in itself, in the way it brings people to another level of spiritual intimacy through this communal dreaming connection.

by Eleine Lachance