Dragons of the East

In the East, dragons have long been seen as benevolent guardians, and even now those born in the year of the dragon are said to take on their characteristics of wisdom, long life, wealth and luck. Images of dragons, in and around the home, are supposed to bring good fortune.

Divine Guardians

This type of dragon is associated with Imperial China.

It is a serpentine dragon with a large bearded and horned head. It also has 5 claws, whilst all the other oriental dragons have less.

These mighty beasts carried the houses of the Gods on their backs, and thus shielded them from all evil influence.

Weather Lords

These vast Air Dragons are blue, and their many hues and shades makes them difficult to see.

They control the weather, clouds and winds, and bring life giving rain to the land.

However, they can be temperamental, when not respected, and tend to summon storm and drought when angered.

Treasure Holders

These dragons are depicted holding a pearl in the claw or mouth. The jewel symbolises both wealth and wisdom.  Midas could have got his touch from these creatures, as they are said to multiply anything they touch.

They live underground, guarding gems and precious metals.

Water Kings

Earth dragons control the physical course of the rivers, and tend the banks but, in the depths below great Water dragons govern this domain. Each river in China has its own ‘Dragon King’.

By Claire Russell