Astral Projection (OBE)

Out of body experienceSome people will have heard about Astral Projection, Out of Body Experiences, or Remote Viewing, but it is unlikely that many have had a real conscious experience even though most of us do it at least once every night.

To avoid confusion it is important to understand the difference between Astral Travelling and Astral Projection. Many forms of visualisation are associated with Astral Travelling which is a process of projecting the consciousness into visual scenes – i.e. in meditation or temple work – with the effect of feeling we are actually ‘there’. Astral Projection is the process of projecting our ‘Astral counterpart’ with the effect of knowing we are actually ‘there’.

There is a great difference between the two for Astral Travelling does not remove us from the physical body, but Astral Projection does.

Most experiences of Astral Projection are unconscious, the person only becoming aware of them in ‘dream states’ such as memories of flying etc. but there are those who have had a genuine ‘conscious’ experience, even if only very briefly.

On such occasions there is absolutely no doubt in their minds that they were actually there, and many would argue that they were indeed physically present, for the senses generally do not seem to be impaired. It is interesting to note that those who have ‘consciously’ experienced a projection cannot be persuaded that it was just a figment of their imagination or a dream, for it would be like trying to persuade the reader that they are not ‘actually’ reading this now.


It is quite natural for us to project from our physical bodies whilst in sleep state, and the ‘rapid eye movement’ phase is normally aligned with this phenomena. However, although we all do have Out of Body Experiences, it is extremely difficult to sustain ‘consciousness’ throughout. The process is easier to understand if we look at the 4 different types of projection.

Involuntary with no consciousness:

Vivid bewildering dreams. More tired on waking than when going to sleep.

Involuntary with consciousness:

Awareness of ‘waking up’ in a dream, flying, or with snatches of very clear experience etc. Consciousness is often rapidly lost after a few moments.

Voluntary with no consciousness:

A technique often known as ‘Remote Viewing’ or sending out a ‘Watcher’. This is consciously done, but the person does not remain conscious of the experience at the time. However, it ensures that retrievable information is available after the event.

Voluntary with consciousness:

The person remains in ‘conscious’ control of the projection, and complete awareness of experiences from beginning to end.

What part of us actually leaves the physical body in Astral Projection?

Astral Projection - Leaving your bodyWhen we speak of the Astral Body leaving the physical body, we are encompassing all parts of ourselves other than the physical body itself.

This means the emotional and mental bodies as well.

However, the emotional body is in fact known as the Astral Body, and this itself is divided into two parts.


In Qabalistic terms, the subconscious mind is known as the lower astral part of ourselves, and the thoughts and feelings are the higher astral part. When we have an Out of Body Experience, all the bodies – including the higher soul aspects – move away from the physical body, and often to astounding distances, but they remain attached through the lower astral, or subconscious, which protects, energises, and sustains the life of the physical body during projection.

Whilst in projection, the lower astral part of ourselves can be seen as a greyish silver cord, along which energy passes to and fro. It is only at the point of death that this cord becomes detached from the physical body, for there is no longer any need to sustain life. Near death experiences return because, for one reason or another, it is not the right ‘time’ for a complete separation.

The subconscious mind is the overall ‘governor’ of Astral Projection for without its’ interaction and compliance nothing can be sustained. It is therefore obvious that, because the subconsious is emotionally based, we can only approach Astral Projection from an emotional standpoint, not as an intellectual exercise, and it is precisely because of this general misunderstanding that many a ‘conscious’ projection is doomed to failure.

Is the subconscious always in charge?

The subconscious is the ‘governor’ of events because we need its’ compliance, and therefore we need to approach this from an emotional standpoint, but during ‘conscious’ projection the higher mental, or soul bodies, are more active which then oversee the operation. In other words, the subconscious ‘governs’ but the mental bodies ‘control’. In most cases of projection the subconscious rules supreme, and thus we remain ‘unconscious’ of what is going on.

There must be the emotional need to project, and recognition of a specific reason, if we are to eventually achieve conscious memory of events. Intellectual discovery is just not enough.

This is not as hard as it may sound for nearly all of us ‘project’ every night but some more than others and for different reasons. However, to attain full ‘consciousness’ we must first become ‘conscious’ of the reason why we need to project in the first place. Thus we catch hold of a thread which we can ‘consciously’ follow to the heart of the matter.

Reasons for doing Astral Projection

There are a number of reasons why we have Out of Body Experiences. Some are more complex than others, and require very specialised training. A few are listed below:

Life training does not stop when we go to sleep. Much information and active work continues on the Astral Planes, particularly during spiritual training.

Spiritual teaching often continues on the Astral levels, where it is easier to make connection with the subconscious minds of students.

Much active healing work is done by Astral Projection enabling the healer to become closer to the origins of disease, and avoid ‘blockages’ put up by sceptical or worried clients.

There are those who are specially trained to work with victims of suicide, accidental death, genocide, war, and protection of the earth generally.

Personal problems and underlying worries are often ‘lived out’ and resolved during sleep.

A clearer and more objective viewpoint can be gleaned by ‘looking down’ from a higher level than the present personality is able to sustain. Even though we may not seem to remember this, there is often a definate change of attitude after such experience.

What is the most common cause of Astral Projection?

The most common cause is through anxiety and worry over particular problems in everyday life, although most people do this quite unconsciously.

Those who ‘consciously’ project are often aware of passing through towns at night where worried incarnate people have projected quite unconsciously to queue at post offices, banks etc. or are busily trying to resolve problems in the local pub!

It is in this way that the majority of people find ways of addressing their difficulties, and that is why things often look much ‘better’ in the morning than they do at night.

However, since there is normally no memory of events, it is very easy to slip back into the same old habits, causing the same old problems and the same old repetitive cycle of cause and effect. The root of most personal problems often lies in either love or fear, or both. These are the greatest and most powerful forces of emotional need which tend to overpower most others.

People who have spent time in spiritual training, are less likely to become seriously embroiled in such conditions, for hopefully they would have learned to become less obsessed by underlying worries. The concentration and aim would therefore turn more towards healing and teaching etc.

How do I learn to be ‘conscious’ of Astral Projecting?

There are many quite complex techniques and intellectual approaches to the subject, that can be found everywhere on the net, yet none will ever work without firstly understanding your emotional orientation and desires before you even start!

Astral projection is caused only by DESIRE

It is absolutely no use trying to build images of yourself stuck to the ceiling, standing on the wings of a jumbo jet, or visualising yourself jumping out of the top floor of a building etc – for it can hardly be said that real desire would be there in any of these imaginings!

The key is in making a situation that creates the desire

For example, going to bed hungry, thirsty, or wanting to go to the loo, often creates the biggest desires possible!

It is important to understand that, although the mind must be secure and at rest from worries, the desire factor must be in a state of tension if you are to become conscious of anything. How many times have you dreamed you are taking food out of the fridge, or searching for a glass of water, before waking and finding yourself starving hungry or over-run with thirst? The fact is that you have probably been at the fridge in your Astral body, and have become partially ‘conscious’ whilst doing it.

There are many ways that your desire can be inspired by the little and more normal things first, until you become accustomed to the process.

Contrary to how it may seem, illness has the effect of ‘loosening’ the astral from the physical body, making projection easier. The reason for this is the desire for healing, for the astral bodies become energised during projection, whilst the physical body is both energised and rested. Thus greater healing can take place during these times.

However, it is not advisable to practice projection when deeply stressed or ill, as it could interfere with this process.

Many people have suddenly woken up in a dream and found themselves out of their body, looking down on it, or flying through the universe, and many other experiences. It is worth attempting to gain ‘consciousness’ in your dreams for that way you will understand something of the process. If you find yourself awake in a particularly vivid dream, try to ‘consciously’ continue to take part in it, just like an actor in a play. Don’t try to control it, but see where it leads you, and remember you can always stop the dream whenever you choose.

How do I know if it is real or just a dream?

Dream state is always ‘not quite right’ in some way. Either you are ‘in’ your house, but it isn’t exactly your house, or the colours of the walls are blue when you know they are green etc. The subconscious sometimes surrounds the real images with other impressions, either to protect you from becoming conscious of scenes you cannot comprehend, or just because the general overview is unimportant in relation to the concerns you are trying to work out.

Once we become genuinely ‘conscious’ in projection, we not only ‘know’ we are there and can never be persuaded otherwise, but there are certain testers we can put on the experience, for everything should be in its’ rightful place which can be checked upon when waking. If you manage to take control of your dream, and it is somewhere you know, then make the effort to go to the larder and examine the tins on the shelves, or look carefully at your surroundings and check these for further confirmation after the event.


You cannot get lost and be unable to return from the Astral Planes. The subconscious desire for survival of the physical body over-rides all other desires.

Fear of the process, or over excitement of any sort, will bring you straight back into your body.

People sometimes become aware of a ‘vibrating’ sensation whilst dropping off to sleep. This is simply the astral body vibrating in order to remove itself from the physical body. This is quite natural, but rarely felt consciously. The feeling of ‘dislodgement’ is also quite natural, but a little disconcerting at the beginning. Snoring is also a way of releasing astral bodies from the physical body.

Sometimes people experience a sudden jerking of the limbs when dropping off to sleep. This is because the Astral Body has moved out and returned at speed. The Astral Body normally aligns itself perfectly with the physical body, but in a fast return – perhaps due to an abnormal noise close by – the physical body will find itself jerked to realign with the Astral Body position. Normally this is just a sudden movement of a leg or an arm, with a dream of tripping up or falling.

A ‘sinking’ feeling in the stomach before leaving, and an inability to move immediately after return, is quite normal. The physical body is unable to move at will until the Astral Body has aligned itself fully, for without the Astral Body it is just a ‘dead weight’.

Sensations of a great weight sitting on you, is only ‘consciousness’ of the density of your physical body as you try to move in or out. Sometimes, through panic at the strange feeling, it is possible to create images around the experience that makes it feel as if an ‘outside force’ is in the room. However, regardless of the fear people try to instil in each other, it is not a psychic attack!

‘Dream-state’ can overtake your true ‘conscious’ perception. In the initial stages it is quite possible to find yourself in and out of ‘reality’ without returning to your body. For example, one minute you can be completely aware that this is a real experience, and the next it goes into a strange disjointed dreamlike situation.

The physical senses can be experienced in the Astral bodies, and are usually heightened. e.g. smell, sound, movement etc.

You can walk through walls, doors, and even floors whilst in projection. It is fascinating to study what lies under the floor boards, or in the wall.

You can remain close to your body, or travel phenomenal distances in only a moment of our perception of time. Many people have travelled to other planets and back in less than fifteen minutes!

Morning projections are often easier to remain in consciousness.

Sleeping with others can hinder conscious experience, unless there is complete trust.

Sleep walking is caused when the astral body is unable to release itself from the physical body through various causes. The desire to project will then animate the physical body without conscious awareness. A sleep walking person should never be woken up.

Conscious Astral Projection takes much practice, and time, for you will be seeking to train yourself to become aware of another ‘body’ just as in childhood you had to learn to handle and use the ‘physical’ entity you are housed in now.

Like in all spiritual adventures, there is no easy route. It takes immense determination, and there are those who work for years with little success. Often the reason for this is a secret fear of the unknown. This alone is enough to prevent us from conscious achievement, for the desire to discover can be overridden by the desire to remain in the ‘safety’ of what we know.

The main thing to remember is that ‘consciousness’ indicates ‘control’

You can stop the experience at any time you choose, and this desire will automatically bring you back into your body.

You cannot, and will not, go anywhere that is against your own Desire and Will.