Newborn  ‘I Am’

The phase of life that Aries relates to is that of a ‘Newborn’.

Undoubtedly all of us have had some contact with newborn babies, but how many of us really understand them, or are interested in studying their behaviour?

They are so pure and innocent and yet, from the warmth and security of the womb, have suddenly been confronted with the struggle for life, and the harshness of the outside world.

It is a precarious and fragile time.  Everything is new and potentially unsafe. Even taking a bottle or sitting up has to be learned.

The Newborn responds instinctively to every situation. They have no knowledge of safety or danger, and yet they seem to intuitively know that they must have the courage and energy to face life’s challenges or they would stand no chance of survival.

Indeed, we all know that the Newborn needs to be looked after, protected from the damage they may do to themselves, and kept secure from the dangers of the outside world.

Imagine how you were in this phase of life.  Can you think how you must have felt?  How would you have tried to let anyone know if you were hungry or hurt? How did you look at this great big world into which you had suddenly appeared?  There would have been no past experience to show you the way, and no perception of what the future may bring.

Thus the interest of the Newborn is only in the moment that is now.  It responds to outside stimulation through instinct alone and has no understanding of the meaning of danger, or why others may not choose to respond.

The attitude of the Arian nature is very much like that of the Newborn. They react instinctively to what impresses them at the time, and hold no fear of loudly confronting anything that they may perceive to be threatening to their welfare.  However, it is not often realised that they also are very vulnerable, and can lay themselves open to extreme emotional and even physical damage by this bravado approach.

The planet associated with this sign is Mars, and the element that governs it is Fire.  If we understand the nature of Fire and Mars, and combine it with the attitude of the Newborn, we can perhaps more easily understand the urgency and excited innocence that drives the Arian nature.

The combination of these dynamic forces propels them forward with an urgent, brash energy that can lead them into areas that others wouldn’t dare to go.  Their lack of fear can make them heroic warriors, but this same power can also leave them more prone to accident than other signs, and appear much more loud and aggressive than they really are inside. Everything is urgent to them, for they have little patience and, if they set their heart on something, they can’t understand why they have to wait, for they want it ‘now’!

The world is enormous to them, challenging, full of potential, and possibly dangerous. And yet there is a fragile innocence in their nature, that affords them little understanding of what danger and fear really mean in terms of the earthly world.

The major thing that seems to motivate them is their zest for experience and the need to survive, regardless of the consequences. This drives them to pack their lives with action, laying themselves wide open to all sorts of unnecessary dangers, but nevertheless making the most of every single moment.  They are very impulsive, and quick to temper, but equally quick to get over it for, like the Newborn, their most natural means of communication is to yell if they are hurt, need attention and love, or are hungry for something, but they become quite happy and content when these needs are satisfied.

Have you ever really studied the nature of a Ram?  It is the symbol of Aries for it has the same innocence and courage.  It is the leader of the pack, strong, virile, and extremely mindful of its territory.  It strives for adventure; is very direct, rash, headstrong and untamed, and will charge in to protect its position, menacing and threatening, head down and bursting with energy – yet at the same time not really seeing exactly where it is going.

Inside, the Arian also often feels hyped-up and full of anticipation, yet uncertain as to why this is. They are quick to react, finding it hard to contain their energy, and charge into everything they do with intense vigour, as if their life depends on it. They often excel in sporting activities. and are open to the adrenalin rush of impulse, brimming with excitement, yet rarely feel entirely secure in what they are doing and why.

It may be worth making a study of the Ram and the Newborn, and perhaps even the myths around the constellation of Aries.  There are many similarities, and all these traits, both good and difficult, apply to the Zodiac Sign.

The Newborn can be both demanding and exhausting, yet deeply rewarding, when its needs are satisfied and it turns its smile upon us.  We seek to protect it and see to its wants, for it would not survive without this attention.

If we compare all these things to the psychology of the pure Arian attitude, it may open our eyes to the fact that they too could benefit from the same understanding and consideration?

Inspite of their often brash and outspoken approach, they are not altogether secure as to the role they are expected to play, nor are they aware of how they are supposed to play it.  They act entirely as their impulse directs, and this makes them much more open to upset than some of the other, less volatile, signs.  Indeed the true Arian is rarely, if ever, completely understood, for the fiery energy that drives them belies the more gentle and sensitive aspects of their nature, and they can be greatly affected and deeply hurt, by a hostile or indifferent environment.

In real terms, they are both pioneering and dynamic, courageous and forthright.  Their energy is unceasing, and they plunge headlong into anything they do, whether it be career, romance, or just living life to the full.  They are the most ardent of lovers, and make great initiators of new things, but they rarely have the determination to sustain what they start.

They are good leaders, especially in battle, and have great business ideas, but dislike monotony, and are therefore more inspired by careers that are both spontaneous and active, as in the fire services, demolition, rescue work, athletics, pilots, armed forces, or anything that requires courage, healthy exercise, and has an element of risk.

In a way the Arian outlook can be likened to a fireball – the dynamic spark of burning flame that leaps from out of the bonfire. Their energy is the Spiritual Light of a new existence, that seeks to find sustenance and an outlet to express itself in an alien world.

All the signs relate to a season – a season of life’s experience, and a season of nature into which they were born. And those with Aries Sun Sign are born in the first month of spring.

The dark winter skies have disappeared, and the new solar rays begin to enshroud the land with warmth and light; full of anticipation and urgency for expression.

And as nature responds by filling our countryside with a wealth of radiant energy and life, so Aries people respond to this same vibration, by struggling to reproduce the pure spiritual light that floods the earth with its vibrance, energy and drive.

They are earthly beings attempting, sometimes unsuccessfully, to control the fire in their souls, for those of this sign represent the architects and initiators of the world. They are the visionary pioneers of a new generation, and a vivid reflection of the birth of existence.