I sit and daydream of what might be;
my thoughts, wishes and aspirations for the future.

How life has changed from the bustle of business
to the nature of being, and the understanding of nature.

Time has no limitations other than its passing.

Free from its restrictions, I am the Master, I hold the key
to this moment in time, which is my time to be free.

Perception is relative to those who adhere
to the linear nature of its atmosphere.

Freedom comes from a higher plane, where time has no place.

Purely infinite space.

Discovery comes through a dimensional force, that its nature
is true to its own unique source.

Past, present and future all unite,
so the future is purely a figment of sight.
The past will reveal the answers I seek,
but to travel through ‘time’ one must not be weak.

Because only the strong can turn the key,
to discover the secrets of antiquity

Author Kairen Kellard