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Worlds Apart - biography MAAT, jenni shellA Thought

“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance”        

This is a twofold story – my mother’s and mine – for it was her life and her terrible burden that became my care, my quest, and my deep unending pain, in the search for a reason that would explain her illness.


And through it all I discovered many things, including realities that may not seem to exist here on earth – but actually do exist, although often remain elusive in our world of understanding.

Sometimes we can’t see what is real, for it is not ‘reality’ in the normal sense of the word.  But, in spite of how it may seem sometimes, we do control and direct the course of our lives – whether we are conscious of this or not.

Whilst reading this book, you may feel you wish to participate, by examining your own impression of the very personal world you have built for yourself: and how your focus and determination – or lack of it – has brought you to where you are today.

Indeed, the Power of our Mind, and Strength of our Will can lead us to discover many other things, that we sometimes refuse to believe in without definite proof.

So maybe it’s time to ask ourselves what proof do we actually need?  And what in earthly terms is ever enough?