What is Practical Qabalah Wisdom?

The Order of the White Lion is run by people who have extensive experience in studying the Ancient Wisdom of Qabalah and Tree of Life teachings. Our aim is, in simple, basic terms, to explain what is Practical Qabalah Wisdom, and explain how to use it in everyday life.

What is Practical Qabalah wisdom?

So, what is Practical Qabalah Wisdom?

Qabalah is a huge body of information that helps us to improve our life and find our life purpose. The teachings are mapped out on the Qabalistic Tree of Life and act as a spiritual guide, taking us on a journey of self discovery and increased spiritual awareness. Although these teachings are very old, they are still relevant to everyday life and provide useful insights that help to raise our awareness of the bigger spiritual picture and the role we each play within it.

Know Thy Self is a very important aspect of these teachings and the focus in the beginning is on examining the life we have created for ourselves and how we operate as individuals. This means looking at the state of our subconscious, becoming more aware of the way we think – our attitude towards life – and getting in touch with how we feel and interact with those around us.

The work we do on ourselves lays the foundation on how we can evolve and ultimately go on to help others.  The Qabalah is very clear that we are not going to be much use to the rest of humanity if we cannot find ways to help ourselves, and get our own lives in order first.  And helping others and ourselves to live the life that is right for all of us, in line with personal and spiritual needs, is the ultimate goal. If we can do this without judging others, only ourselves in any given circumstance, then we are aligning ourselves with soul values, and beginning the process of embodying practical Qabalah wisdom.

As we go deeper into the teachings we learn how to make a soul connection, as well as ways to heal ourselves, through the practice of balancing chakras and keeping auras free from debris.  We learn about Karma and how to recognise and release ourselves from karmic conditions brought through from past lives that continue to hold us back in this life.

All of this work on ourselves prepares us to be of service to others through our soul functions.

Soul Functions

Everyone has a soul function, a soul motto and soul name. Gradually – through the study of the practical Qabalah and Tree of Life – it becomes obvious to us what our path in life is. The challenge is for us  tap into our creative power and develop our creative potential, and find ways we can bring to life our soul functions and incorporate them within our everyday lives.

Qabalah is not a religion, it is more a Way of Life. This way of life inspires us to help ourselves, find our own path – the one that is right for us – and live in peace, fulfilment and happiness. When we can do this for ourselves we can then go on to help others, on their journey, to do the same.

This is Practical Qabalah Wisdom.

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