The Archangel Uriel

The Archangel Uriel is the fourth of the 4 Great Archangels, and Master of the Powers of Law.

To visualise Him, you need to turn your minds’ eye to the North, and imagine you are facing the glowing image of this glorious Archangel of Earth.

He towers across the shadows of the midnight sun.

The richness of his thick hair is encircled by a ring of glossy laurel leaves entwined in moss, and he wears linen robes woven in gold, green and russet red on the tiny looms of the ‘little people’ of the earth.

In his hands he holds a vast and heavy disc of burnished copper, inlaid in bronze , and engraved with symbols of ancient wisdom, inscribed throughout the ages by the Elders of the land. In the stillness of a clear winter night, it glimmers in the pale soft light of moonbeams as they play upon its’ surface.

Uriel touches our security and the search for stability, for he is the bringer of understanding, and his disc represents the notion of strength to face the responsibilities of life – as in just the same way we clothe ourselves warmly in face of the winter winds, and find our inner strength in sleep to help solve the problems that come with harsher times. Understanding of the natural laws of nature gives us security, for we realise that everything has its’ season, and the disc represents the stability we need to remain confident of success, and even take pleasure from our responsibilities.

Uriel is often seen with the bold and steady emblem of a bull, embroidered upon his breast. Sometimes it is seen as winged, and pawing the ground amidst a tapestry of ripened corn and scarlet poppies. This is the sign of Taurus, the solid, browsing animal, and creature of the Earth, which signals instinctive perception of the physical world and the five great senses – Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight and Sound.

If you watch, Uriel will move in recognition of your presence and, through the magnificent light of his mighty aura, you will see him turn to face outwards towards the velvet darkness of the midnight heavens with his wings outspread.

His eyes are brilliant, watchful, diamond lights that strike across eternity, as he holds the massive circular disc, solid and impressive before him, and remains in stance of static, immovable stability.

The Disc of Uriel is the disc of Strength that lies deep in the stability of our planet earth and at the feet of our spiritual self.