These workbooks are a breath of fresh air

These workbooks are a breath of fresh air. They are modern, concise and beautifully illustrated.

Steadily building awareness of the tree of life as a whole they also provide in depth information about each of the sephirah. As you work through the books you create a fascinating journal of your own personal experiences, learning more about yourself and the ‘bigger picture’. It is explained how the previous workbook is linked in with the one you are working on, so you easily understand how the Tree of Life works – almost like a road map. As you build your knowledge and practical experiences you can become stronger spiritually, mentally and emotionally. For this reason I personally feel it is best to work on the books in order starting with Malkuth.

If you follow the workbooks closely and partake in all the practical work you can really get a lot out of your journey! The descriptions of the temples are very detailed but still allow for personal experience during the meditations described. With these books you can choose to submerge yourself deeply but on the other hand, if you wish to just ‘dip in’ there is plenty of information in bite size pieces.

The books contain practical tips such as help with meditation and links to further help on the OWL website.

Packed with information they are truly excellent value for money either for your practical journey or purely for reference.

Cassandra Deacon