The workbooks are inspiring and enlightening

All my life I have been interested in and drawn towards spiritual and holistic studies and I have actively studied the Qabalah, with great enjoyment, for well over a year. Due to the fact that I feel and believe that my path is to spiritually give hope and protection, I have given up my old career in property management and have started a business which will also open a retail outlet in 2013.

I have used ‘The practical Qabalah’ workbooks in conjunction with my lessons and have found them to be an excellent learning resource and reference guide. They are easy to follow and take you, step by step, through the different temples and on a journey through the Tree of Life.

I have read several other books on the Qabalah and have found the Owl and Isis workbooks the best to follow because they are written in plain English and follow a structured course right from the beginning, rather than other books which assume a certain level of knowledge before you read them.

The workbooks are inspiring and enlightening, the meditations and visualisations are very powerful and extremely useful to be able to ‘feel’ what each temple is like. I would recommend these workbooks to anyone interested in studying the Qabalah and the Tree of Life.

Allison Chan