There is always something new to discover

The OWL and Isis workbooks provide concise teachings of the traditional Qabalah as has been taught by OWL teachers and through Isis workshops.  The workbooks take you step by step through each of the Sephirah on the Tree of Life with the aim of helping you understand the connections between your emotions, thoughts, attitudes and feelings, and your actual life experience.   You are encouraged to work through exercises designed to help you to face the reality of your life while helping you discover what is truly important to you and to better know yourself.

Each workbook focuses on a different energy suggesting ideas that may be worthy of deeper exploration and contemplation.  They include practical exercises which give equal importance to both heart and mind and which may help you to reach new insights that you can apply to your everyday life.  The practical aspects of the Qabalah are complemented with esoteric information.  This includes a summary of traditional correspondences and useful descriptions and illustrations in respect of each Sephirah to help prompt your own imagery in meditation.  The workbooks do not give easy answers but instead provide tools to help self reflection and to help you open to your own unique experience and inner wisdom.

There is always something new to discover within Qabalah and as someone who has worked with the Tree of Life for many years I can recommend these very accessible workbooks as suitable for both new and established learners who may be considering returning to study.

Jane Russell