Soul Consciousness

The Divine Spark of ‘The Creator’ is said to indwell each Human Soul, and the awakening of our consciousness to that Divine Nature is known by many to be ‘Soul Consciousness’, or sometimes ‘Christ-Consciousness’ which evolved from the word Christos.

The Soul is the Spiritual Child of The Creator

This is supposed to be the ‘awakening’ of awareness to our own unique inter-relationship with the One Creator; that we are truly ‘at one’ with God; that we are all Souls that partake of the same consciousness and goodness, for we are children of the Divine Spirit, and made in Its own Image.

This ‘awakening’ is more often called ‘enlightenment’, or ‘illumination’, and is in fact knowledge of the real truth of the Soul, which all of us experience to a greater or lesser degree, as we begin to open our minds to our higher selves.

Christ consciousness is therefore a spiritual concept, not wholly a religious one, for it encompasses all creeds, whatever their specialised beliefs.  However, Christianity derived its name from this particular awareness, and its followers believe that Jesus received this illumination at his baptism with John the Baptist.

One of the Holy Days of the Jewish Religion is the Day of Atonement, and Christians speak of the Atonement of Christ, which really means his At-one-ment with God.  Many believe that part of Jesus’ mission was to reveal the nature of God as reflected within himself, and to open up the awareness of humanity to the possibilities of they themselves being able to make the same transition.

Jesus was said to be the Son of God, and was known also as the Son of Man, or maybe even the Son the Man, thus indicating perhaps, that these two things are one and the same thing, but on a different scale?

Soul consciousness could be looked upon as a process that coincides with the natural cycles of nature.  A slow inner unfolding of growth and transformation that takes us through the seasons of life, from our imperfect human personalities to the recognition of the super human potential that is our rightful heritage.

In the past, the Sun was looked upon as the Creator that sustained life on earth.  As time progressed it came to represent the Light of the Divine Spirit within us all, that also sustained our inner life.

Ancient religions drew their strength from the natural process of nature and, if we care to observe, we will realise that this stays with us today, for the Holy days of many religions link closely with the natural cycles of the sun.

A significant analogy has been made between these natural cycles and the cycle of the Soul as the Child of God.

We are told that our true home is in the Spiritual realm but, in order to fully develop our potential, we need to ‘descend into Matter’, and gain earthly experience.We are told that our true home is in the Spiritual realm but, in order to fully develop our potential, we need to ‘descend into Matter’, and gain earthly experience.

This could be likened to Autumn, which in America is interestingly known as the Fall.

Thus we live for a time, in a dense, physical body, which is dominated by the Material Plane of Consciousness.

This time has been likened to Winter, for it is a dark and barren experience, which makes us very aware of the needs of physical reality.

As time and life moves on, our attitude tends to become more mellowed, and less preoccupied with personal earthly concerns.  Our Spiritual Consciousness starts to ‘awaken’, and we become more connected with our higher and less materialistic nature.

This has been likened to the time of Spring, for we start to become aware of the rising or ‘resurrection’ of new life, born out of the winter cold.

And finally, there is the ‘union’ of attunement with the Divine Will, or complete Soul Consciousness and at-one-ment with the Creator, through perfection of our Spiritual Nature.

This last phase can be likened to Summer; the ripening of fruit upon the vine, and a time when we are full and content with all things.

All of us experience this process to a greater or lesser degree, but to truly reach Soul Consciousness in a single life time is very rare indeed.

This is perhaps one of the reasons why the story of Christ is so special in the eyes of many, for a target was set that could seem impossible for a mere human to reach in one life but, by following the example of Jesus, there was indeed hope of achievement, through resurrection, after death.

However, whilst not taking away from the idea of following such an example, those who believe in re-incarnation suggest that, although it may take many lives to become fully ‘enlightened’, we are all destined to reach Christ Consciousness at some time, and in some life, thus releasing us from the hazards of karma, and the eternal wheel of death and rebirth.

Another profound association with the transformation process has been linked with other aspects of nature.  Namely the animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms, and it is not by accident that their names are derived from, and represent, the same meaning as the word Christos.

For instance, a Crystal – in the mineral kingdom – transforms carbon, which is black in the form of coal, to the clear diamond form that glistens to reflect all the colours of white light.

A Chrysanthemum – in the vegetable kingdom – transforms a tiny seed of insignificant size, into a flower of gorgeous beauty, and wonderful fragrance.

It is part of the daisy family and claims its name from the light of the Sun, for it was known at the ‘Day’s-Eye’ in ancient England, and only later shortened to Daisy.

A Chrysalis – in the animal kingdom – transforms a lowly caterpillar into a cocoon that produces a glorious butterfly of grace and beauty.  This dainty creature has rainbow wings of many hues that reflect the light.

As also members of the animal kingdom we can see by analogy that we too can rise above our lower nature and, like the caterpillar, after feeding upon the earthly world, transform from our lower desires, and learn to fly towards the more spiritual values of inner grace and beauty that lies within.

Christ Consciousness – in the human kingdom – transforms, the basic instincts of the human nature into a higher and more noble character of divine qualities, which reflect the light of the Creator.

Each of these symbols bear some relation to the concept of Light and its ‘illumination’.  The word Chrys means Gold; and gold itself is the symbol of wisdom and reflection of the sun.

The Crystal – as a Diamond – becomes a prism of light.

The Chrysanthemum – as a flower of Gold – symbolises the Sun that radiates the light.

The Chrysalis – as a cocoon – by which the caterpillar transforms, is also like a prism that causes the reconstructed form of the butterfly to be reborn with wings of all colours.

The Christ-nature – as the Soul – symbolises the process of ‘illumination’, a lighting up of the whole personality with the radiance of the Inner Spirit.

The Great Teachers of the past have taught these concepts in many different forms and, whatever philosophy we choose to believe, they all seem to encompass the one truth.

The Spirit of The Creator lives, not only within the Soul of each one of us, but within all nature, and we only have to open our minds to reveal, recognise, and reflect the Divine Light within.

We hope you enjoyed this introduction to Soul Consciousness.