Netzach – Victory over Feelings

The teachings of Netzach help us to gain Victory over our Feelings and lift ourselves out of the restrictions of the personality, helping us to raise to the level of the soul – the Sephirah Tiphareth. Netzach acts as a springboard to the upper part of the Tree, but first we have to become aware of how we really feel, and explore our attitude towards relationships – including the relationship we have with Self. Netzach helps us to discover the true nature of who we really are; the magic that lies hidden within just waiting to be brought to life. We would look to the Emerald temple of Netzach for creative inspiration; to help us deal with polarity and relationship issues, and to connect with the magical energy of the rawness of nature.  Read reviews

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‘Love Asks for Nothing’ record sheet

‘You Have to Believe You Are Magic’ record sheet

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