Malkuth – The Kingdom

Welcome to this introduction to Malkuth – the Kingdom.

When studying the  practical Qabalah and Tree of Life we often begin by familiarising ourselves first with the sephirah of the Earth Plane known as Malkuth. It is also known as The Kingdom. Malkuth is the Hebrew name.  This sephirah represents the physical plane – the world we live in, and the way we handle the energy of the material world. Malkuth also aligns with the physical body. We would look to the Tree of Life, and Malkuth, to help us find answers if we are having problems keeping ourselves grounded; experiencing challenging issues around money, or if we want to find solace and peace to enable us to re-coup lost energy.  Meditating in the Temple of Malkuth introduces us to Sandalphon, the Archangel of this sephirah, and also connects us to the Elemental Kings and their Kingdoms. Read reviews

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