Binah – Understanding (Sephirah 3)

Welcome to this introduction to Binah – Understanding (Sephirah 3)

Binah represents the Womb of Creation and Mother of Form.

Binah is Aima – the bright, fertile Mother of Creation and Ama –  the dark, sterile Mother of the Underworld.

In this workbook we explore the Principles of Sound and learn how to Silence the Conscious Mind to hear the call of the Spiritual Mother who watches over her children.

It is in Binah that we examine the roots of our Faith and look deeper into the Four Worlds and extended Tree of Life.

The Spiritual Experience of Binah is a Vision of Sorrow. In guided meditation we may be shown the epitaph written for us, by others, when our life is over. We must contemplate on this, and ask ourselves if this is the way we would like to be remembered.

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