Energy and Emotions


Everything, seen or unseen, real or apparently intangible, is an aspect of the one life force.

It is energy.

This energy takes on so many diverse forms that we often find it difficult to regard it as just that.

Money, or gold, is one form of energy of the physical world, just as the sun is one form of energy in the world of space.

So whether we are dealing with the spirit, mind, body or emotions, we are still dealing with the same force, but just in a different shape, and it is the shape only that can sometimes confuse us.


Most of the problems in life are caused by emotions, for they are based on subconscious reactions which are difficult to control – and uncontrolled emotion means uncontrolled energy.

Many people talk about instincts and intuition as if they are one and the same thing. However, they are not – Instinct is governed by an emotional reaction : Intuition is governed by a rational response.

Instinct is emotional : Intuition is not.

Emotion can be closely aligned with electricity – it can energise or electrocute.

Thus, when out of control, emotion holds the potential dangers of an dynamic explosion – the lights go out, and a massive energy loss is sustained – not to mention the far reaching damage to those around.

The greater the explosion, the greater the damage – not only to others, but particularly to ourselves inside – so it is wise to make an effort to try to understand the hidden energies we hold within us – if we really intend to take control of our lives.


There are a number of causes of uncontrolled emotions – not least the inability to know, accept and understand ourselves.

Some of the main difficulties we face are listed below, and it is well to study these and consider which – if any – may perhaps relate to yourself?

Superstition and prejudice

These are often based on other people’s opinions rather than our own. This breeds fear, and fear feeds on itself.

Judgments and hence accurate decisions can be seriously impaired.


Excessive alcohol closes down the energy centres (see Chakras), and causes distortion of perception. Drugs open up these centres to beyond normal capabilities, also resulting in distortion of perception.

Both can bring about the inability to control ourselves or our circumstances.

Neurosis (nervous disorders) and uncontrolled psychicism

Both put pressure on the nervous system, which can result in extreme emotional stress.

Psychicism, without proper training, can cause serious energy loss.

Hysteria and obsession

The mind becomes one directional, and there is a high risk of being totally controlled by circumstance.

Excessive emotional behaviour is sometimes brought about by a chemical reaction within the brain. However it can also cause this chemical reaction as well.

Wrong perception of the truth through emotions

Looking at everything from an emotionally reactive standpoint can disrupt objective reasoning. This can lead to inability to adapt to change without emotional upheaval.

Fear is the most common cause of emotional reaction.

In many of these cases the person finds themselves out of their own control, and imprisoned in the control of the problem.

Often these sort of emotional hazards start by trying to run away from responsibility for their own life, and, as time progresses it is quite possible for one difficulty to link to another, causing a multitude of ensuing upheavals.

However, not all energy disruption is caused by extreme circumstance, and not everyone is aware of the easy ways to avoid this in their everyday lives.

Simple ways of protecting yourself from unnatural loss of energy can be found on the page on Energy Protection.