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In response to the many requests for more in depth teachings, we launched our Membership Package on 2nd July 2006 to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the founding of The Maat Order in 1981 - the forerunner of The Order of the White Lion (see our Aims page).

The picture of our lives is like an enormous jigsaw - lots of different attitudes and experiences, all trying to fit together to make one creative whole. And there is so much more to this picture than just our mundane everyday world. Many people are beginning to wake up and start looking for a more Spiritual meaning to their existence, - but it is so difficult to know how to start.

So let us help you put the pieces together.

Our pages will lead you on the road to discovery that can not only help you to find out who you really are, and what you really want out of life, but also about the motivation of the Spirit and Soul, and the Cosmic World around us.

There is so much to discover , but we have to take it one step at a time.

Many people want to develop their Spiritual self, but lack the knowledge of exactly how to begin, and this is one of the reasons why we have decided to launch this membership package.

What's it all about?

There is so much more to us than first appears.  Most of us have this underlying feeling that there is surely more to life than meets the eye, and some sort of inner certainty that, if only we could find the “real meaning” and reason why we are here, it would put a totally different slant on our motivation and the way we approach our everyday circumstance.   The teaching function of OWL is to help supply the knowledge that starts to explain the reasons why things happen to us, and help us to take more control over our lives – firstly because we learn to know ourselves, and secondly because we learn to understand the world around us.   

The course of instruction is linked basically around what is known as The Tree of Life -  but it is certainly not a process restricted entirely to that, or confined within the sort of  parameters that normally apply to courses of this nature.

Our interest is in helping the student become aware of, begin to understand, and integrate all aspects of themselves, from the Personality on earth to that of the Soul and Spirit, and we attempt to lead the student from one stage to the next.  There are also many things that we hear from a number of religious teachings that express what may appear to be different views and ideas. The study of The Tree of Life helps to give explanations on how these beliefs arose, and how it is possible to hold one belief, without contradicting another.    
The membership also offers an immense amount of written information, and a structure to follow if you choose, but there is no actual “course work”, or “homework” that is essential to do, although there is a lot of active work that can be accomplished if you choose. It should be said, however, that this is not just casual reading material, but practical information that you can expand upon as you work through the different sections.

Nevertheless, if you decide to follow the advice and structure, it is very productive, but the individual is free to look at all the different  areas outlined, and decide which they wish to approach first.  If they read the information, and follow the procedure, the process is quite easy.

Obviously, there are no easy routes to enlightenment, but at least here there is a route that can be followed, which is so often missing when trying to discover how to begin this sort of adventure.

Those who apply for membership will be specifically guided in a way that is easily understandable, and taken step by step through a process that will lead them only as far as they wish to go. All information, will be continuously extended, updated, and monitored by experienced teachers of the Order of the White Lion, and there will also be the added support of Lectures and Workshops throughout each year.

So it doesn't matter what you have previously learned, or how much experience, or lack of it, you have had. We are all walking along the same roadway, and we will all reach our destination at our own pace in the end. There is nothing too complicated or too ethereal in the study of this ancient art, and there is always something new and exciting that every one of us can learn everyday. All it takes is an open mind, and desire to understand the simplicity of things that often seem beyond our normal perception.

The Membership Fee is only £45 for a year of instruction and it also provides an excellent opportunity to spend time working at your own pace of learning.
(£45 equates to $75 US at time of writing. Our payment provider, `Paypal' will show you the cost of membership in the currency of your own country during the checkout process.)

And, as an added bonus we are also offering the following as part of our Membership package:-

Free Basic Birth chart

Find out about yourself and your basic creative potential. See what motivates you, and discover the uniqueness of your moment of birth.

Free download of Archangels meditation, in format playable by iTunes and the iPod

This is a beautifully presented description of the vision of the Archangels and the Elemental Kingdoms they represent. With original music by Paul French.

Isis Workshops

These are run by teachers from The Order of the White Lion dedicated to passing on the teachings of the Qabalah. Find out more about Astrology; the Tarot; what the Tree of Life is all about, and how practical Qabalism can help you in everyday life.

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