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Katherine Herzog
I love your cite. My favorite mythical creatcher are dragons. If
you are willing to give some information on these creatchers I will
Thank-You greatly. Some People Dragons are evil but not Me. Thank-You.

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Received 11 Dec 2006

Keith Hall
Nice visit to your site I found it very enlightening.
Let the light be with you.

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Received 10 Dec 2006

Kathleen wilkinson
i am very interested in anything to do with angels can you please
give me any information on how to contact the angels as i feel i need
there help in my life at the moment can you please email me with any
information that will help i been trying but not succeeded

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Received 3 Dec 2006

Thank you for bringing me back to the basics of being. Your
teaching is logical, peaceful and positive. For me it connects all my
thoughts and early learning on many different aspects of the spiritual,
astrological and elemental. There is so much information to think about
and digest. My path is clearer. Please bring the teaching to Australia.
Love and Light

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Received 2 Dec 2006

I am so grateful that I found you and can start on my journey, I
seemed to of been wondering around lost for a long time. If it wasn't for
David Wells website and watching most haunted on the travel channel I
would still be wondering around in the dark, now I have a ray of light to
catch. Thank you so much

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Received 8 Nov 2006

Hallo! Best site! :) You must continue you work of site! New fact
& new COntents!

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Received 1 Nov 2006

I was very pleased to visit your site.Lots of good
articles!!!Keep up the good work...;-)

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Received 27 Oct 2006

Surath Giri
Very good site!!
I will be visiting often.

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Received 23 Oct 2006

hi i love your site it is great to view something that is
inspireing and that their are lots of like minded people about.I love the
art work,i will return again on a regular basis.

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Received 14 Oct 2006

I thoroughly enjoyed your site. It was fun, inspiring and
informative. (Did I already say "fun"???)

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Received 14 Oct 2006

polly doman
in veiw of the whole discussion about wearing a veil ect ect i
am a white woman and a happily married white woman who is
never told what to wear by her husband, and i think that i am never told
when to wear make up or clothes and feel that no woman should be told what
wear therefor if i was happy to wear a veil then that is entirely up to
the woman concerned not up to polititions or the public.

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Received 6 Oct 2006

Nice work, great site. the art is superb.

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Received 26 Sept 2006

Cat Pugh
A few of the girls (and 1 man!) found this website by mistake
while at work! (very naughty!) but we are so pleased we did! i have told 4
friends about it so far!, it's amazing, the tests were spookily accurate,
unbelievable!. well done.

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Received 24 Sept 2006

I'm smiling :)

Email: Provided
Received 12 Sept 2006

thanks for such a wonderfull site,love the art work@very
informative.im studying for a reiki course in ten days@found it through a
search on chakras,ill be visiting again.....@again!

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Received 10 Sept 2006

To be able to find something so meaningful at this time in my
life is beautiful. from experiecing this glorious meaningful place located
in the world, has filled me with pleasure and hope for things in my life
to get better. Thank You So Much for this website.
It Has Made A Difference to Me and My Views of my enviroment

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Received 17 Aug 2006

First, I would like to thank you for providing this welcoming and
comprehensive website on such a wide range of spiritual topics --- I am
especially grateful for having "stumbled" across this site early on my
path to spiritual transformation. I first learned about Qabalah on your
website, and am interested in studying this philosophy further. After an
overwhelming search for other credible and "user-friendly" resources
(lasting several months!), I find myself back at the place where I began!
Unfortunately, I live in Canada, so I am unable to attend the ISIS
workshops. Can you recommend any additional resources that may be helpful
for a new student? Any guidance you can provide is greatly appreciated!

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Received 13 Aug 2006

Elizabeth Cornish
As a Sekhem practitioner and someone looking for more answers I
am certainly going to take the information on your site to the next
stage.What I have read so far makes me feel as if my journey home is going
to be a lot easier.The path has not been the straightest but I feel that
soon I will understand more of what the twists and undergrowth contains.
thank you, I knew that I had to wait for something now I know what it was

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Received 7 Aug 2006

A Glorious website! You are one of the Old Ones standing true in
this age of darkness and confusion.

I will indeed share this site with everyone that I know. There needs to be a closer communication and gathering of those who are aware of the state of our current existence, for surely all things are about to change.
I particularly appreciate the artwork on your site, as I have been a lifelong artist. My mainstay is rendering art inspired from the spiritual realm.
Thanks again for such an inspiring web site.

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Received 6 Aug 2006

I found your website very informative. It helped me understand
many experiences I have had over the years since being a child. It also
helped me come to terms with some very traumatic recent experiences,
recognise them for what they were and perhaps take steps not to let them
happen again in such a bad way. Best wishes. Jake

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Received 5 Aug 2006

Yvonne Peterson
You don't know how much peace & tranquility I need to find at
this moment in time. Looking at your site, gives me peace of mind.
Thank you so much.

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Received 24 July 2006

Mary Anne
I found your site while seeking a copy of the music for the
prayer of st francis - what a beautiful, informative site! I am certainly
planning to come back and spend more time here. Thank you. Namaste

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Received 15 July 2006

Angela H.
thankyou very much you have been so helpful to me and my new
visitors i feel that i understand allot more now thanks to you last night
i slept all night they didnt distrub me,i did what u surgested thankyou
your fantastic

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Received 10 July 2006

David A. Haastrup
This sight makes the journey easier.

Email: Provided
Received 6 July 2006

Pat Schiavo
Just intuitively popped on your site. I look forward to

Email: Provided
Received 6 July 2006

I have been searching for 60 years, been bogged down in dogma
and traditional religion. Thankyou, I have now found enlightenment.
well, the start of it!! What a site, what learning to be done!!

Email: Provided
Received 1 July 2006

David Thompson
Absolutely love this website, I'm going to come back, again, and

Email: Provided
Received 30 June 2006

I really enjoyed my visit to your website. May I ask your opinion of the Rosacrucian order?

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Received 26 June 2006

I,m from Portugal and since my teenage I,ve looked for a meaning of life.
In a away I´ve found evrything is so wonderfull if we only are conscious
of our own ORIGIN.
Love is the INFINIT connection of our being with the CREATOR and is so
simple to do so!!!.All human beings can do it, if guided!.MONEY VICIOUS
AND IGNORANCE are strong barriers but knowledge of principles of wisdom
can be informed and practiced FREELY.

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Received 24 June 2006

Your site is very informative, interesting and a certain daily
visit for critical "weather" information. Thank you.

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Received 22 June 2006

thankyou. your site is superb, im so impressed. it's a pleasure
to explore.

Email: Provided
Received 18 June 2006

Tyler Durden
What a wonderful aim you have, i had originally linked to your
site through david wells site, because i have started the journey to
understand why i have had the experiances i have in my life, and maybe
gain the answers i have been searching for and at the same time helping
others through mediumship.
i think it is important to understand every aspect of peoples beliefs, so
i will not only be studying all the subject you cover on your site but
also other beliefs and religion in the hope that one day it will bring
peace, understanding and love for fellow man.

may you all be blessed

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Received 14 June 2006

Luna Dragon
I loved the dragon section!
Dragons are my favourite mytical creatures they're so cool!!!

Email: Provided
Received 13 June 2006

This is a great site!

Email: Provided
Received 8 June 2006

Vicky Cooke
Thank you for a beautiful website with such a beautiful picture
of the lion and the owl and painting and drawings and words, thank you x

Email: Provided
Received 1 June 2006

The site is great,very informative, well done one of the best
sites on this subject around.

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Received 29 May 2006

I usually visit sites that have things to do with the four
elements(air,earth,water & fire). Sadly, all of them was about witchcraft
and magick so I was conscious on entering them. Then I found this
wonderful site that holds information of the four elements that amazingly
contains a dash of God's Archangels. Now, I'm going to devote myself on
protecting God's beautiful creations.

Email: Provided
Received 27 May 2006

This site is the most amazing site i have come across, so much
so i have sent everyone i know the link to you,, hope you all enjoy, as
much as i do and will, i just keep coming back, thank you for this, (wonderful)

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Received 25 May 2006

I love this site, I visit often and always find something
enlightening and informative. Thankyou. I will be back soon!

Email: Provided
Received 24 May 2006

I really enjoyed the information on this site, as I was looking
for information on the Solar Plexus, and came across this site, which had
so much more to offer...

Email: Provided
Received 23 May 2006

Site is getting better and better. I can't wait to see the new
forum open. Well done.

Email: Provided
Received 8 May 2006

Estella Evans
As I have written a note before; your's is a great teaching and
exposure site. Very enjoyable.

Email: Provided
Received 7 May 2006

Wonderful site - really cheered me up- will visit often

Email: Provided
Received 5 May 2006

Dont be fazed by the email addy please :)))
hey guys , awesome website, helped me allot. Your time and effort are
appreciated, keep up the good work.. quick question... i know its abit of
a stab in the dark but have you heard of the 'corperals' before.. its
something to do with magik or myth etc.. if you have come across it or
them please let me know, else peace

Email: Provided
Received 30 April 2006

Helen Sexton
I love the Archangel Raphael. I met him in a dream. He told me
he was an Archangel named Raphel. And dummy me didn't know anything about
him, and said there was no such angel. He said he had many gifts for me,
and he's always at my side, something about a supernatural blessing coming
my way; that I shouldn't give up on life or people. Since then I've
researched him and have gotten to know him better. He is such a
magnicifant friend and encompassing love of God that shines on us. I now
have an enormous love for him for getting me through an incredibbly
difficult time. I love you Raphael!!!

Email: Provided
Received 26 April 2006

Excellent web site I will be visiting often .

Email: Provided
Received 24 April 2006

Great site.
A breath of fresh air amidst all the 'dark' occult sites on the web that really miss the point of what magic is all about. Keep up the great work.

Email: Provided
Received 14 April 2006

I absolutely love this site and how YOU encompass all spiritual aspects. Finally someone with the forethought to provide information for all, about all! To me this is INTELLENGENT DESIGN. You intelligently designed a web site to respect all spectrums. This should be a template for schools, and churches to show people how to acknowledge everyone‚s idea of spiritual freedom. Kudos guys and excellent job!!!

Email: Provided
Received 18 April 2006

Robert Jones
I'm very impressed with the presentation of your website. It
contains many apparently consistent spiritual views of life that I've
never been aware of before. Where do these ideas originate and how can
one further their own study of these very intriguing spiritual structures
and entities? Thanks, Robert.

Email: Provided
Received 16 March 2006

Stella E. Cumming Ga
Hi, just found your site. It is simply beautiful. The 'pictures' are really spectacular.
 I will visit the site often. It is composed of  wonderful information and educational material. It will help me immensely as I travel along the path to enlightenment and personal enrichment. A new devotee.

Email: Provided
Received 14 March 2006

Fantastic Site. I am on a spiritual journey and was directed to this site by unseen forces.Amazing set up, beautiful pictures, wonderful background, colourful words.amazing,amazing,amazing.need i say more

Email: Provided
Received 7 March 2006

WOW! What a truly fascinating and thought provoking site! At last we have an informative site which encompasses a broad spectrum of teachings, philosophies and ideas.
I am particularly fascinated and excited about the fact that we as human beings have so much "hidden" potential which needs uncovering! This site can truly open the eyes of many to a Higher Truth, and I would gladly share this site with others.

Email: Provided
Received 5 March 2006

What a wonderful site! The section on the zodiac signs and Chakras was really insiteful. The design and music is beautiful. Thankyou to Ruth McGregor for reccomending this site and teaching me so much xx
Email: Provided
Posted: Thu Mar 2 23:42:46 2006Guest no. 1141342966

A site of great interest and enlightenment. Thankyou. These
subjects are not new to me, but your approach is. There should
be more like this on the net.
Email: Provided
Posted: Mon Feb 27 22:13:17 2006Guest no. 1141078397

Ali Coleman
This websute is very insperational and should be seen by alot of
people. It could change the way people look at life and the way
that they live there life. It made me think about all the things i do
to the people around me and made me change the way i react to
most people includig my baby girl Adriana Bregante I now see
how she wants to be treated and i will be sure to do my best on
working on that.******
Email: Provided
Posted: Fri Feb 24 18:16:31 2006Guest no. 1140804991

Andy C
I am about to embark on a journey I feel I need to take. To find my true self and persona. I look forward to using these pages to find enlightenment.
Email: Provided
Posted: Tue Feb 21 22:49:08 2006Guest no. 1140562148

Erin P.
I am very impressed with this site. The information/perspectives on the vast array of topics is quite impressive. I'm on a spiritual trek at the moment and this site is and will continue to be a resource I very much am going to enjoy having at my disposal. Thank you.
Email: Provided
Posted: Tue Feb 21 13:17:04 2006Guest no. 1140527824

hey! this is a great website and i like it a lot. your pages on dragons are AWESOME ( since i am doign a report on them ) they gave me all of info i needed. thanx again!
Email: Provided
Posted: Tue Feb 21 03:38:09 2006Guest no. 1140493089

I felt that I must contact you to compliment you on your
beautiful and inspiring site. I am truely amazed. It is now one of my
favorite sites and I will be visiting more. There are not many sites that
I have seen that have made me feel like this. Blessed be. xxxx

Email: Provided
Posted: Fri Feb 17 15:22:45 2006Guest no. 1140189765

Sheila Karapetrian
Came home lunch time after challenging
morning. Something I needed to hear in my heart, and I
knew it would be on your site.Thank you for your beautiful
space, and for being you. Lots of Love Sheila X X
Email: Provided
Posted: Sun Feb 12 14:19:11 2006Guest no. 1139753951

Hi Jenni, i have been feeling a little lost and very homeseick and so i just happened to come across a white lion and nowe i feel lots of nice energy all around me. Thinking of you and our times always. Thank you
Email: Provided
Posted: Sat Feb 11 23:38:51 2006Guest no. 1139701131

Nancy Henrikson
I have been called upon to fulfill my prepared destiny and with
courage and determination I will. Although I have much to learn
and I am in constant training and sometimes a little frieghtened
this will be successful. I have had many messages through
visions, signs and dream state and not all of it made sense even
though I knew that it meant something. A dear freind of mine e-
mailed me this morning to tell me she was instructed to direct me
to this site. I now know why or at least understand many of the
reasons why I was directed here. You might say I'm in a crash
course to prepare myself for my future path. I needed this to
clarify some of my information and it surely has. I am on the right
path and now I have more information as to who or what is with
me and why. I do not understand everything yet as the time is not
ripe as they put it but when that time is ripe I will be infused with
what I need. You will hear of me again and again for mine is a
long and open journey which will be in veiw of the nations. I am a
willing disciple and my path has just begun to take form at an
advanced speed. I love you all and I send the blessings of our
creators. It is time to remove the veil that has kept us in the dark
for so long. The time is now and it is urgent and so I shall begin
as teacher and guide where ever and however my masters direct
me. I leave you with peace and love and the hope for all
Email: Provided
Posted: Fri Feb 10 17:43:05 2006Guest no. 1139593385

It is a great website to say the least. I think more and more people
ask theirselves questions about most topics mentioned
here. And this is where people will certainly get them :) A
forum for interaction and discussion would have been nice
OWL NOTE:- A forum for interaction and discussion is
about to be launched, as part of our membership package,
very shortly!
Email: Provided
Posted: Tue Feb 7 00:59:06 2006Guest no. 1139273946

Very nice site. A must bookmark!!!
Email: Provided
Posted: Mon Jan 16 17:50:34 2006Guest no. 1137433834

I was looking for something else and ran across this site. I really like the layout and colors you chose.
Email: Provided
Posted: Mon Jan 16 10:05:31 2006Guest no. 1137405931

Cool website, good work! Thank You! I'll be back very soon to see any update.
Email: Provided
Posted: Sun Jan 15 02:31:44 2006Guest no. 1137292304

Nice,Thank You!
Email: Provided
Posted: Sat Jan 14 15:46:53 2006Guest no. 1137253613

I want to Thank You so very much for such a wonderful
site. We have storytime each night as a family. I printed the
Dragon page and the Elemental Kingdoms and the
Archangel pages. My son is 12 and is very interested in
Dragons - my nephews are also in our home and are 6 and
4. The colors and pictures are just so beautiful.Thank you
so much for making these pages available for people who
love to read to their children and discuss what they have
read afterwards! I believe we are really going to enjoy
storytime tonight Thank You Christine
Email: Provided
Posted: Sat Jan 14 15:46:19 2006Guest no. 1137253579

morna musakambeva
Fascinating there is alot of reading there and am going to enjoy taking my time so that I fully appreciate all that is there . I have added to my favourites I just wish Id seen it sooner . Thankyou trully I want to grow spiritually and think this will be a good place to begin.
Email: Provided
Posted: Thu Jan 12 19:31:02 2006Guest no. 1137094262

Very interesting site, thank you!
Email: Provided
Posted: Wed Jan 11 00:55:28 2006Guest no. 1136940928

I have spent many hours on this site, and find it full of
inspiration and hope. I wish that there was more on the
internet like this. The Newspapers are full of such doom
and misery. It does my heart good to read such
revelations, because inspite of the way the world it today,
there is still something within our hearts that knows that -
if we care enough - it will all come out right in the end.
All that it takes is effort and will. My love to you and all
who care enough to produce such information on this site
Email: Provided
Posted: Mon Jan 9 19:43:33 2006Guest no. 1136835813

Site Is Interesting Thank You a lot! Great ad, beautiful
home and the best of luck to you and always.
Email: Provided
Posted: Sat Jan 7 22:55:14 2006Guest no. 1136674514

Very interesting site with great information
Email: Provided
Posted: Fri Jan 6 18:29:39 2006Guest no. 1136572179

Lavinia Lawry-Johns
Greatful to find the sight. What about D.N.A. and the genetic memory? Would like to know more.
Email: Provided
Posted: Wed Jan 4 22:01:32 2006Guest no. 1136412092
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