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Thank you
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Posted: Thu Dec 23 08:21:31 2004 Guest no. 1103790091

Emma Louise
A superb site that really hit the mark personally.
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Posted: Mon Dec 20 19:40:15 2004 Guest no. 1103571615

What a great site! One of the very few which makes everything easy to understand and has a lovely 'feel' to it, I'll definatley be back! lol
Take Care xXx
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Posted: Mon Dec 6 03:15:56 2004 Guest no. 1102302956

Excellent website! I am learning to meditate and I am finding your meditation techniques very usueful. I had a car crash today... I only passed a week ago, and meditation has helped me to relax and calm down. Thankyou for being here. If God exsists, I pray he will bless you all.
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Posted: Fri Dec 3 21:02:06 2004 Guest no. 1102107726

Vitamins and nutritional supplements
Nice site. Keep it up!
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Posted: Sun Nov 21 11:29:38 2004 Guest no. 1101036578

Arianna Dragonfire
Loved this site! especially the dragons - they are my obsession. keep up the absolutely fabulous work!
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Posted: Tue Nov 9 03:34:35 2004 Guest no. 1099971275

lesley Madeleine Fenner
I needed respite today, and it has proved most magical and part of that magic came from your wonderful site. After looking at and printing off the four archangels, a booklet came through the door with the subject "Connecting with Archangels",by Diana Cooper contained in it. A card came too from a friend with a painting by Van Gogh on the front. He too was mentioned in the book, when Diana talked of Van Gogh, who's life mission was to touch people with christ consciousness through colour as one example. He struggled with his inner demons to reach harmony. Gabriels ray is sometimes called "harmony through conflict" says Diana Cooper. I know it is true, we have to be brave and state our case, but it most often rewards us, even under duress.
I hope I have made myself clear and thanks for a good day.x.
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Posted: Wed Oct 20 15:26:06 2004 Guest no. 1098282366

What a beautiful, informative site! Profound ideas simply and clearly presented. This reveals a high level of understanding and knowing. Thank you.
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Posted: Wed Oct 13 14:22:25 2004 Guest no. 1097673745

Terra Kelly
I found your site while looking for info on elementals so I can ask for their protection from the onslaught of hurricanes that have recently transpired in the Atlantic. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! I love lions, and I love you!!!!

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Posted: Fri Sep 24 17:50:36 2004 Guest no. 1096044636

i have been looking for a site that is not trying to pick the lint out of my pocket and open to the heart and mind thank you for this one

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Posted: Sat Aug 21 07:47:07 2004 Guest no. 1093070827

Sun Wolf
being very much interested in all thing spiritual, I arrived at your site while searching for information on elementals. I am here to stay, because I found a goldmine of fresh thoughts and information to ponder.
Blessed be for putting up such a wonderful array of knowledge for all to see and heed.
Rev. Sun Wolf
first Degree Priest of the Correllian Wicca
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Posted: Tue Aug 17 10:40:01 2004 Guest no. 1092735601

I stumbled across this web site quite by accident, when I needed it the most. It's so very intresting how the Universe provides you with exactly what you need at the exact right time if you just trust and know that these things will come to you. Very fascinating site - I'll return!
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Posted: Thu Aug 12 05:04:19 2004 Guest no. 1092283459

I was browsing for images of our beloved archangels, and I found your site. I'm so glad I did. Thank you. Love and Light to you and all your loved ones.
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Posted: Wed Jul 21 07:47:24 2004 Guest no. 1090392444

I love Dragons and the Dragon section on this site is BRILLIANT!!!!! I come here as often as I can to read and re-read the sections on them.
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Posted: Tue Jul 6 13:29:52 2004 Guest no. 1089116992

This is the best web site so easy to understand and almost every thing wonted to know!
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Posted: Mon Jun 14 21:38:15 2004 Guest no. 1087245495

Konnie Smith
This site says it all for me. When someone asks me how I believe or about my spirituality I direct them to this site telling them this is my whole belief system.Thans for being here and being so beautiful.
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Posted: Mon Jun 14 04:45:29 2004 Guest no. 1087184729

After searching for a long time I have found a site that 'speaks' to me. Thank you.
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Posted: Sun May 23 12:44:06 2004 Guest no. 1085312646

love this site. found it while searching for dragon pictures on google. i like the ways you describe dragons. i hate it how people easily misconcept dragons as evil vile creatures. i would like any info on Phoenix's though.
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Posted: Sat May 22 18:54:14 2004 Guest no. 1085248454

found this site by chance, stayed awhile to say I was moved
deeply is an understatement. It is a beautiful place here on the
web thankyou.
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Posted: Tue May 11 19:01:46 2004 Guest no. 1084298506

Tera Juno
Loved the website. Will deffinately be coming back to see it again.
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Posted: Sun May 2 16:30:33 2004 Guest no. 1083511833

tyler whittey
i've been waiting for a site like yours, though i would like your section on dragons to be more insightful, more scientific than sceptis.
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Posted: Mon Apr 26 14:17:09 2004 Guest no. 1082985429

Great job! I love the art. Very smart!
I already pass it to my firends. And they love it too.
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Posted: Thu Apr 22 17:19:00 2004 Guest no. 1082650740

Brilliant site-nice and colourful, serene music and so easy to understand! Fantastic!

Love the section on dragons-very helpful! Keep up the good work!!!!
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Posted: Wed Apr 7 10:41:55 2004 Guest no. 1081330915

Been dreaming of a site like this for years. So colorful, easy to understand and graphically well presented. What a great learniing tool of a site...A Big Thank-You !
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Posted: Tue Apr 6 20:47:34 2004 Guest no. 1081280854

I love the mussic in this website and the pic and
iterseting facts
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Posted: Thu Apr 1 17:22:19 2004 Guest no. 1080836539

this is cool site and really entertaining.
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Posted: Sun Mar 21 01:29:49 2004 Guest no. 1079832589

i love this place this is a good site lol i love this place
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Posted: Fri Mar 12 00:04:12 2004 Guest no. 1079049852

RDT (red dragon tears)
I love this website. I especialy love the dragon section. I have always loved dragons and believed in them. I came here after my brother had surfed the net for info on dragons, and printed out the whole thing on dragons. He set it on my table in my new room that I got for my birthday. I read the article and loved it. I explored the site soon after.
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Posted: Wed Mar 10 01:50:37 2004 Guest no. 1078883437

Eduardo Cline Arrieta
Very nice impresión on what you have done.

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Posted: Mon Mar 1 02:22:30 2004 Guest no. 1078107750

Your site is sooo cool1 I liked the one on dragons, its pics are real nice.
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Posted: Sun Feb 29 05:40:50 2004 Guest no. 1078033250

I was under the impression that you have ties to an ancient
order. Regardless, it is a nice site and I would be the last to
doubt. Blessed Be and Peace Forever JR
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Posted: Sat Jan 31 17:33:55 2004 Guest no. 1075570435

Daniel Chipps
Hiya Jen!! i think that is ure name. I'm Daniel Sandy's grandson, say hi to her for me. I think this sight is fantastic u have a real talent!! It really is soooo interesting yet so complex. It's a lot to get ure head round. The graphics and design ar really cool too!! I didn't manage to find that picture of my little brother and sister (Josh and Becky tho) Sandy says u haven't managed to put it in yet tho. Well once again a fab sight. Bye
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Posted: Sun Jan 25 21:50:03 2004 Guest no. 1075067403

Al the Pal
I find your dragon information fantastic! I am very interested in them ( I am especially interested in the Loch Ness monster and 1 day would like to go to the Lake and see for myself).
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Posted: Sun Jan 18 16:20:05 2004 Guest no. 1074442805

Gloria J. Holland
Was referred to this site by a young man, who informed me that I would learn a lot of answers to some of my questions. He is not wrong. Will be referring the site along to my 2 daughters; 1 is very much into dragons (has 1 tattooed on her ankle!) and the other for her foray into her developing interest into her spiritual interests. Just love and really enjoy yhe pictures. Thank you and will be visiting often.
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Posted: Sun Jan 18 06:46:16 2004 Guest no. 1074408376

the guardiansbride
I had no idea.... Thanks for the enlightening experience. One question, what does the White Lion symbolize? and OWL? I love everything on the site; a comfort and understanding beyond belief. It certainly explains much of the confusion in life. Keep it up! :)
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Posted: Fri Jan 16 03:53:55 2004 Guest no. 1074225235

galadriel of lorien (toronto)
i love your dragons with a passion. they are the best i have found on any site. please keep this site going because of all the interesting things it offers.
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Posted: Thu Jan 15 01:28:17 2004 Guest no. 1074130097

Susan thats all u need 2 kno!
Oh and these 3 posts r mine srry bout that!This is the best dragons site EVA!!!DONT EVA CLOSE IT DOWN!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted: Sat Jan 10 19:57:07 2004 Guest no. 1073764627

THIS IS THE BEST DRAGON SITE!!!!!!but Im going to use some of the dragon pics but I SHALL NOT SAY ITS MINE!is that ok?
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Posted: Sat Jan 10 19:54:43 2004 Guest no. 1073764483

john izidor brunac
i practiced methods in dr. hyatt's book and they worked. experienced something like astral projection and nirvana at the same time. is this the plane of enlightenment for owl. is this the AA or the silver star. to date only hyatts em method has worked, not crowleys hindu method or regardies or the wiccan texts, none have produced success like hyatt.
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Posted: Wed Jan 7 01:43:30 2004 Guest no. 1073439810

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