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I have long since been looking for information on Astrology and how it
works. This is the first time I have come across answers that make real
sense. Thank you so much. I shall be recommending it to all my friends,
and will return here often. The pictures are beautiful.
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Posted: Fri Nov 21 00:24:41 2003 Guest no. 1069374281

Mary Evergreen
Order of White Lion came to me out of a book I opened at random "Undoing Yourself" by Regardie
the anagram O.W.L. has meaning to me, owl entered my life this past spring, mistook for a hawk. The man that found the roadkill told me it was a hawk, I wore gloves to cut the wings so did not feel teh fuzzy feathers, the light was low so I did not see the fuzzy texture. Months later, when I took the salt off, I realized the identity.
a woman taking a man's word as gospel until she gets a good look at it.
I wondered if the Order had formed yet, looks like I can get to know more fellow shining beasts...
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Posted: Sun Nov 16 14:26:41 2003 Guest no. 1068992801

Randie Chima
are there members in Nigeria? where & when do they meet? is there a possibility of me becoming a member. can i Have more information as to what the order is all about
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Posted: Thu Nov 13 10:56:49 2003 Guest no. 1068721009

Silver Dragon Breath
Greetings, I found your site on a search for more information on western dragons (most information found is on Eastern dragons) and I thank you for the information. The images there are very good to see too. I also liked your elements section.
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Posted: Thu Oct 23 23:43:07 2003 Guest no. 1066948987

I was looking for help from angels and needed pictures and luckily my search took me to this wonderful site - thank you, I now have a feeling of calm and serenity
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Posted: Mon Oct 13 07:53:22 2003 Guest no. 1066028002

KZA 3000
Albeit odd at first glance, I was moreso interested in the theories and concepts that you have offered. I'll definetely be returning again soon.
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Posted: Thu Oct 9 09:11:11 2003 Guest no. 1065687071

this is a good site, its very enlitening especialy the dragon sections.
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Posted: Wed Oct 8 02:53:17 2003 Guest no. 1065577997

Can Ya'll Fill Me In On More Of These Sites
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Posted: Thu Oct 2 00:21:09 2003 Guest no. 1065050469

You are now on my favorits list. Are there more like this one?
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Posted: Fri Sep 26 01:15:59 2003 Guest no. 1064535359

Catherine de Leon
You have a beautiful and informative web site. Is this an affiliate program also?
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Posted: Mon Sep 22 15:17:20 2003 Guest no. 1064240240

Pheadra and Vanessa
Your site is amazing, it is very informative and i have learned so many interresting things on this site. Good job!
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Posted: Sat Sep 13 21:42:46 2003 Guest no. 1063485766

Howard Cleveland
Interesting site will look back and spend more time here later
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Posted: Thu Sep 4 03:37:32 2003 Guest no. 1062643052

Chamila Niroshan. COUNTRY: SRI LANKA
This is an excellent website which received to me from my pal, Rakitha. This website was done perfectly, also have unlimited value of meanings, words, and believes in it. I am glad to see such things exist in our Internet world which impressed me as others. My especial thanks to all the people who took their best effort and time to upbringing this website to the Internet world. With a hope that I will meet such impressive things in future, I may stop here by now. Many thanks. E-mail: chamila_vidana@yahoo.com

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Posted: Tue Sep 2 01:34:08 2003 Guest no. 1062462848

Eleve of Nexus Krazy Kago, De Mago, Forever Lost
wowowowow pritty site, i came across it when i was looking up pictures for a project. I have bookmarked this site and will definatly return. GREAT WORK HERE !!! *hop*
I really liked the page of elements and your page of herbs. Exactly wat i was lookin for, matey. ^___________^

~Eleve of Nexus Krazy Kago, De Mago, Forever Lost~ o.O

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Posted: Thu Aug 28 13:45:32 2003 Guest no. 1062074732

Ran across your site while searching Google for my own. I hit your Neptune page. I've just started a web journal with personal musings on things I observe in daily life and it's titled "Our Own Personal Neptune". Take a quick look sometime. I enjoy the information here and I've put a link to your site on my sidebar. If you rather I didn't, just let me know. If you enjoy my site consider linking to it. Blessed be.
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Posted: Mon Aug 11 00:02:20 2003 Guest no. 1060556540

Lynne pearce
This is very inspiring -and beautiful.I will return often and recommend it to others
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Posted: Sun Jul 20 20:35:08 2003 Guest no. 1058729708

I really enjoyed your site. It provided me with a lot of useful
information and gave me a new insight on life. Great work.
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Posted: Sat Jul 19 05:03:36 2003 Guest no. 1058587416

WOW! your site is just amazing! I wish my site could be this good. Were do you get your info?
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Posted: Fri Jul 18 16:21:34 2003 Guest no. 1058541694

Wow! This is absolutely a VERY interesting website!
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Posted: Wed Jul 9 18:26:06 2003 Guest no. 1057771566

This site is amazing. I shall definitely be returning. There
is always something new and exciting here. Well done.
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Posted: Tue Jun 24 00:39:30 2003 Guest no. 1056411570

Sharon Peterson
I agree with what you have to say. We all serve one higher power we just get hung up on the names we call it.
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Posted: Thu Jun 12 04:57:32 2003 Guest no. 1055390252

Overall an exciting site. Excellent information, although I would like
to see more on polarity
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Posted: Sun Jun 8 23:58:01 2003 Guest no. 1055113081

Emmeline Lindsay
I love this site especially the parts about the element fire and the pages on dragons, it rocks.
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Posted: Sun May 18 09:08:24 2003 Guest no. 1053245304

I think that the people or person who made this site has some good thoughts abought dragons well I will keep looking for more on your dragon page

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Posted: Fri May 16 21:00:52 2003 Guest no. 1053115252

I think that this site is SOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!! I also
think that everyone whobelieves in this stuffshouldn't feel bad about it no matter what.
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Posted: Tue May 13 16:03:55 2003 Guest no. 1052838235

This is a really cool site. Out of all the Elements, I am
probably Fire!!!! Burn, baby Burn!!!!! lol ~ See ya!
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Posted: Fri May 2 04:55:23 2003 Guest no. 1051847723

excellent website well done
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Posted: Fri May 2 00:06:14 2003 Guest no. 1051830374

A wonderful site. Especially the descriptions of the signs.
I am a Virgo, and this is the first time I have really
understood what it is all about. I can now feel
comfortable that I am not boring! Thank you for your
interesting insights and magical pictures. More please.
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Posted: Sat Apr 19 00:39:54 2003 Guest no. 1050709194

Nice site. I don't agree with some of the politics, but the goals are pure and reading this stuff can't help but put your soul at rest.

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Posted: Wed Apr 9 05:05:58 2003 Guest no. 1049861158

WOW! What an awesome site.I was looking for angels and stumbled on to your site.Love the informative subjects,bright cheery text and MANY thanks for putting it in large print.
Will gladly share your site and pass it on to friends..
If you do any updates,please keep me on your mailing list..thanks:)

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Posted: Mon Mar 31 12:27:03 2003 Guest no. 1049110023

Claire Slash
Im quite interested in the theories in the section on dragons and may hopefully one day, find some sort of evidence that these theories are true
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Posted: Sat Mar 29 23:41:14 2003 Guest no. 1048981274

I was led to this site,curious about the name. I am a Leo and it is marvelous. Especially at this time in history when there is so much fear and hate being espoused it is very hopeful. Thank you so much for the experience. I will be returning and telling all my friends.. Peace!!!
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Posted: Thu Mar 20 03:41:15 2003 Guest no. 1048131675

Beautiful site.There are so many wonderful insights as well as info here that I will be back time and time again. Places of knowledge like this are needed now more than ever. Continue to spread the light. God bless and go in peace to all who visit.
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Posted: Sun Mar 16 02:26:08 2003 Guest no. 1047781568

you have an intelligent and informative site. my compliments on a job well done. peace.
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Posted: Fri Mar 14 14:50:16 2003 Guest no. 1047653416

This is good stuff. Thoughts are very like my own
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Posted: Wed Mar 12 17:46:54 2003 Guest no. 1047491214

i think this is for real
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Posted: Tue Mar 11 05:20:27 2003 Guest no. 1047360027

bethy 13 anos
i love the website so much and i have been interested in these thing since i was 4 or 5 so i just want to say thank u for givin me somthing to help me keep on believing
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Posted: Fri Mar 7 21:08:02 2003 Guest no. 1047071282

Heather Cronin
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Posted: Sun Mar 2 21:36:23 2003 Guest no. 1046640983

Fiona Allen
This is a fabulous website and one of the most comprehensive I have seen. I am enjoying watching it grow and believe it will help many people who are searching for answers and will help them build an understanding of "what it's all about"! I just read the description of my star sign and am greatly impressed that for a general overview, it so succinctly summed up quite deep areas of my personality. Did you model it on me??!! Congratulations on this huge effort and a great result.
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Posted: Wed Feb 26 16:08:16 2003 Guest no. 1046275696

Very good site - I expect to be visiting often!
Everyone could do with some self-understanding as well as understanding others...

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Posted: Wed Feb 26 15:37:44 2003 Guest no. 1046273864

Cool site!!!! I make a site to, from Drahgons!!
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Posted: Mon Feb 24 19:06:04 2003 Guest no. 1046113564

Lorraine Morgan
Hello everyone and welome to the web site. A lot of time and love has gone into creating this site so enjoy it, and use it, to find the answers you've been looking for and a whole lot more besides. Have fun and remember, this site is here for everyone so share the knowledge.
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Posted: Sun Feb 23 12:31:54 2003 Guest no. 1046003514

Ann Turner
Great website. We have been needing something like
this for a long time!
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Posted: Sat Feb 22 22:09:17 2003 Guest no. 1045951757

Drew Westcott
Good to see the guest book up and running. Hope
people want to leave lots of messages. Indeed, let us
know if you would like a message board to exchange
messages with other users.
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Posted: Mon Feb 17 16:42:37 2003 Guest no. 1045500157


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