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Unfortunately we have been forced to close down our Guestbook.

We have found ourselves totally over-run once again with people who feel that that they have the right to get free advertising here, and we can no longer keep up with the excessive input of unsolicited mail. We find this a very sad reflection of our society, and do apologise to all those who have tried to send us their personal messages. However, we will still be displaying the entries that have already been sent to us over the last few years, and hope this gives an overall representation of those with genuine appreciation of our site.



I came across you by chance (?!) and felt that you might be just the
people who would be interested in an initiative called Just this Day
which was started by a friend of mine. It doesn't require any
particular commitment - just spending one day (or part of it)
meditating or being quiet, along with others all over the planet.

Greetings and love,

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Received 22 June 2007

Jo F

I loved this site! I recently purchased David Wells book & its
the most amazing book ever!! I will be regularly visiting this site,
thanks for setting it up.

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Received 19 June 2007

Spiritualist medium

Love the site opened my minds eye up a lot more than just before.
great site

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Received 15 May 2007

Nicholas Phillips

Just what I needed. Right when I needed it. I am forever

Email: Provided
Received 9 May 2007

Katie S.

This is a kewl site i love it!!! it is soooo awsome! there
should be more web sites like this!!!! love it!!

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Received 9 May 2007

Stanley Price

I found browsing on your website highly informative and

Email: Provided
Received 6 May 2007

Tracy-ann Martin

I came across your site by visiting David Wells and i'm so glad
i did! All my life i have believed that nature is the way,to me animals
are the higher beings and therefore have given them the pedestal over us
humans,we should be learning from them and yet we still dont live
together,there is always the constant struggle of man assuming he is more
deserving to be here,i hope to see a world where there is room for
everyone! What a magical site, will visit again love tracy

Email: Provided
Received 16 Apr 2007


I glad too see this interest site, I tell my friends about it!

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Received 10 Feb 2007


Hi Guys how you manage to make such perfect sites? Good
fellows! Caskoe

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Received 9 Feb 2007


A very interesting site with top design and contents!

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Received 5 Feb 2007

Paula Nash
i loved your site it has left me feeling very humble and
enlightened me i shall visit your sight quite regular...keep up the good

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Received 11 Jan 2007

I like your site very much indeed.

Email: Provided
Received 10 Jan 2007

James Fox
this site has given me somthing that i have been needing in the
resect of knowlage thank you.

Email: Provided

Received 8 Jan 2007

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